pump keeps stopping when trying to fill gas tank

twinklenoseFebruary 8, 2009


Can someone give me a clue what might be suddenly going on with my 2000 Hyundai Accent? This past week, on 4 separate occasions, the pump will only put in a couple cents' worth of gasoline, then keep stopping. It only started about a week ago, and the first time I thought it was a faulty pump, because my gauge inside clearly indicated it was down to half a tank.

But today this same thing happened for the 4th time--different pumps, different places (but same brand)

I've been buying gas from there always, so what's suddenly the deal??

I even tried removing the nozzle completely then reinserting it, no improvement.

Operating the nozzle manually didn't help, either.

Thank you.

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The automatic nozzle shut-off is sensing a pressure in the fill tube which is indicative of a full tank. An early shut-off can be triggered if the fuel is not flowing freely into the tank.
Angling the fuel nozzle into the fill pipe differently usually does the trick. i.e. Holding the handle up instead of letting it hang down, or rotate it a bit in the fill tube mouth. Also, make sure the compression cuff around the nozzle is fully in contact with the mouth of the fill tube, and compressed against it.

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This is not an uncommon complaint. Air and fuel vapors in the tank have to escape to allow the fuel to go in. The normal path is through the carbon canister which traps the fuel vapors and allows the air to pass. Either the vent valve is stuck closed, the filter (if used) is dirty, the opening for the filter/vent valve is obstructed with debris such as an insect cocoon, or in some cases the canister itself has plugged up.

You will need a technician familiar with evaporative emission systems to test and find out whats wrong.

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Thank you both, so much, for responding.
My mechanic will check it this week to see if the vent is stopped up.
meanwhile, I'll just try to bear with it.
My son asked me yesterday if I was having 'issues' with the gas pump.:)
I'll say!!!

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Hi Twinklenose,
This is my first time posting here, as I frequent other GW forums more often. I have a 2002 Sonata and a year ago my car was doing the same thing.

It took quite a while for the mechanics to figure out what was wrong, but they eventually did. I can't think off-hand what the exact problem was. I love my Hyundai dealership, they worked at it till they got it right, and absorbed a lot of the costs.

Good luck!

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I am going out on a limb here but I suspect that last post was from a less then suttle dealer or dealership employee! In my experience and opinoon the dealership is always the most exspensive!

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2004 fx-35 Infiniti - Problem with filling gas tankâ¦.help!
For the last 15 - 20 fill ups, every .20 .75 cent pump stops, it takes me 20 minutes to get 4 - 7 gallons in. So frustrating, especially in cold, windy weather. I have 108,000 miles on it. Its been a great car up until now. What can be the problem? I've tried different gas pump and stations, its definitely my gas tank. Thank you for your answers.

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Read john g's Feb 9,09 post.

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I have a new Nissan Murrano that did that I had to keep starting over. It acted like it was full. When the dealer heard about my problem he said the valve inside the gas tank was faulty and they had to replace the gas tank. It was not a recall, there was another term for it. If an owner complained they were to replace the gas tank without charge. I have not had another problem like that since.

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