Who Buys 150K+ Vehicles?

candlerFebruary 12, 2010

First of all I'm not trying to be insulting or smart. I just want to know how people are able to sell these vehicles.

My 1996 Blazer will be turning 125K in a week or so. I'm looking for a newer and lesser mileage 4WD SUV, and at the best deal I can find. I've been reading the local newspaper and free shoppers like Craiglist. I couldn't believe dealers and private sellers have so many 5-10 year old vehicles with 150K+ miles at fairly high prices. How do they sell them and who do they sell them to? Thanks, Gene

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Perhaps you are looking at the asking price, not the actual sold price.

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Who Buys 150K+ Vehicles? People who don't have $30k for a new one. Why else.

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Years ago when I was on a fairly low wage, and the family was young and demanding, I had to cut my cloth accordingly. When I needed a car I'd see many high mileage examples before coming across a genuine gem. Of course the screen price was never what I paid. You never do. If the vendor won't negotiate you just get up and bugger off, someone else will negotiate. Some say I'm a cheeky fecker, looking for a discount on everything. But if you don't ask you don't get. A fiver off each tyre when changing all four at once is a free crate of beer or a plane ticket home. Now go out and haggle. You can do it.

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I know what your saying about these 150,000 mile vehicals with big price tags.It is ridiculous what there asking.I believe in haggeling and do pretty well at it.But if there asking $8000.00 or $6000.00 or $4000.00 for a $1500.00 vehical just what is the use in trying to haggle.

I see it all the time and to me if it has 150,000 miles its a $1500.00 vehical.I dont care what it is its a beater in my book.Hard to except if its a $40,000 vehical new.But just does not matter to me its a beater.

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I appreciate your replies. I decided to look at few used car lots. The one yesterday had 20 to 30 nice looking SUV's. Only two had less than 100K miles. I guess new/used dealers might have more lower mileage ones. The idea of spending bucks on my 1996 Blazer looks better all of the time. Regards, Gene

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Interesting question. I donÂt know why people would spend a bunch of money on a vehicle with 150k+, but with some vehicles I can see why people would buy them for significantly less than a vehicle with less mileage. My experience with cars has been that if the mileage was put on quickly, highway miles, the car can last a long time. That was my experience with Honda. I sold it at 250K for 1,100. The kid who bought it was going to put a new engine in it.

That brings me to my second point. Many people who buy cars with a lot of miles are mechanics or at least mechanically inclined. I am looking for a pick up at the moment. My husband was a mechanic. He can fix anything. This truck wonÂt be used much, about 2,000 miles a year.

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