Repairing vintage colored light for silver Christmas tree

linnea56December 11, 2011

It's the kind of light wheel that rotates in front of a bulb, to cast colored light over a 1960's era silver tree. A friend bought one on Ebay, but the red light window is faded. He showed it to me, asking what can be done. I tested some glass paint, but the surface of the very very thin plastic is textured, like a waffle. The glass paint would sink into the texture, I'm sure. I took a quick look online for clear red acrylic sheet, but got a bunch of incorrect hits.

Here's a different one:;hash=item27c108e508

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

hmmm...possibly covering it with the plastic wrap that is often used this time of year to wrap up fruit baskets. If you don't find red colored Saran Wrap in the supermarket, you might try asking about getting a small piece from them if they happen to make up fruit baskets. You 'might' have to double or triple the thickness though to get the deep red color that the lense was when it was new.


Here is a link that might be useful: your URL made clickable...

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Get a piece of red theatrical gels for stage lights.

Here is a link that might be useful: Color gels

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Thanks, Sue. One thing that I forgot to mention is that the flood light used in the fixture will make the interior of the colored panels hot. I have seen colored cellophane at craft stores, but am guessing that would melt.

Thanks for making the link clickable. I have never mastered that! Mostly I use Tinypic, but have been having trouble getting it to work for me lately.

Hey, Linda! What a great idea! Now there is something that could withstand heat.

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Its a kluge, but something to try.


1. Red transparent tail light tape for emergency repair (found in auto parts stores).

2. Clear, hard plastic or glass to fit on wheel.

Make a filter by taping one side of the clear glass/plastic piece.

Remove the original filter and add the improvised filter. Put the tape side facing away from the lmap.

Another way. If the filter does not get more than warm, remove the filter and tape over the opening with the tail light repair tape. It won't be very bright, but you could add the tail-light tape to the present filter. Beware that it may be difficult to remove without damaging the present filter depending on the filter material.

Filters and heat shields may cost $20 or more. At that price, you may consider buyimg another light source.

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Those color wheels were originally made with theatrical gels.....which are the colored pieces of "gelatin" That are used in a frame in front of floods in the theater. A gel kit comes with a large variety of colors, but as eventually after many hours in front of a hot light the gel will burn through and need to be you can buy individual colors at any theatrical shop....or on line.
And you can order lots of colors besides red and green.....think of a peach and a yellow and orange......or different shades of green....think what that might look like when it turns...

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I used red nail polish to cover my light in college so I could study while my roommate slept, it didn't burn, melt or peel, don't know how much polishes have changed but should still work!

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I guess offering something to help someone out at christmas is NOT allowed, because my post disappeared. You can buy just the the color wheel on ebay. I have an extra one because I broke the shaft on mine last year and offered to send it to you if you emailed your address. Guess that is NOT allowed.
I guess there is no way to private message on this board.
Please post a picture when your tree is up, mine will be up this week.

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OOPS...didn't realize you posted on 2 forums. See the other one!

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I didn't know where to post the question! :) It's not like there is a good topic heading for this. You can private message, if the person has enabled it. If you click on my name, it should go to to my Member page, and there should be a link there, saying, "send an e-mail". It sends it though GardenWeb.

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Jaysmom, you are so kind to offer to send me your extra wheel! That is so thoughtful of you. People like you, help to make up for the people like the fellow on EBay who sold the wheel with the faded red panel without disclosing it.

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