Cen-Tec power head brush stopped on Air-Way vacuum

buyitjodyFebruary 2, 2012

I have a signature series (the purple one) Air-way canister vacuum with the Cen-Tec power head (model CT14DX). Today, the brush/beater bar stopped rotating. The unit powers on, but the head just doesn't rotate. Any ideas? I'm not a vacuum expert, so it could be something really simple (which I'm hoping I can fix myself). My Air-Way manual did not say how to take the Cen-Tec apart, so any help or a link would be appreciated in that aspect.

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Number one thing for that symptom is the belt.

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I'm usually fairly handy, but I can't seem to figure out how to take the Cen-Tec head apart to see if it is the belt. Can any body help?

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Okay, I don't have one of those things, but try pushing in the sides of the headlight cover to snap it out of the powerhead. Then you should see 2 Phillips head screws holding the upper and lower halves of the power head together. Remove them, separate the bottom from the top and put in the new belt. There may be clips or releases holding the top to the bottom also. Oftentimes you separate where the screws are and the powerhead opens up like a clamshell. Once the "shell" is open, you can pull them apart.

The belt will be easily visible and replaceable.

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Your power nozzle is easy to fix. I am presuming you are saying the power nozzle motor runs, but the brushroll does not rotate. You will have to remove the headlight cover by pushing in the sides. Then remove the long phillips-head screws. After that, turn the PN over, grab a regular-head screwdriver. Look for two arrows imprinted into the bottom of the bumper. This is where you will insert the screwdriver and pry the cover away from the bottom. Once the two pieces are pried apart, lift the cover off from the back to front. Now you can get to the belt.

Lift the brushroll up. Now, the belt can be removed. While you are here, take the time to clean out the power nozzle. There probably will be clumps of dirt, fuzz, hair, etc. If the belt is worn or broken, replace the belt.

To put the PN back together, just do everything in reverse. When you close the cover of the PN, it will just snap closed. Then reinstall the screws. You are now ready to clean.

Because of the vacuum cleaner brand you have, you should have received a separate instruction manual for the power nozzle.

Keep this vacuum cleaner running, because it is a good cleaner, which should continue going for years to come. Parts are easy to find for it. The PN is one of the better ones, which was marketed by Whirlpool.

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When you say the "Unit powers on...", if you mean the main vacuum unit powers on, but the power nozzle does not turn on, then just push in the little button on the top of the power nozzle-overload protection reset.

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Thank you all!!! Your instructions are very clear, so I will tackle that this weekend.

geguymw - yes, you are correct, "the power nozzle motor runs, but the brushroll does not rotate" is exactly what I am saying. I definitely like this vacuum cleaner and was sad when the roller stopped spinning. Glad that this will most likely be an easy & inexpensive fix. Again, not being super knowledgeable about vaccums, how often should the belt be replaced and how often should I replace the brushroller?

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Your vacuum cleaner will have the cogged(teeth)belt, so these belts can last about 10+ years before they wear out. There is no need to set a specific period to change the belt, because the power nozzle will work fine until it breaks or the "teeth" start falling off. The PN will sound different, when the "teeth" fall off.

You should regularly check the brushroll for anything that should not be there. Also check for wear of the parts. When doing this, make sure to check the brushstrips. Run your fingers over them. They should also protrude or stick out past the bottom. Wear will depend on how often the vacuum cleaner is used. If the vacuum is used often, check after 5yrs. Between 5 and 10 years, the brushes could be changed for optimum performance. The bristles will wear faster when used on short carpeting like indoor/outdoor or berber.

What bags are you using in your Air-Way? I have a suggestion.

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After I was saddened to find that Air-Way closed shop when I went to order bags a while back, I ended up ordering bags from Air-Tec. They seem to work really well!! What is your suggestion?

Oh, just took apart the head and sure enough the belt had completely broken.

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You are set with very good bags. I was not sure if you knew about these bags at this point. Continue using this brand, because they will filter very well and better than the generic brands.

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