We made the jump and committed today to building a new house

Pam434January 17, 2014

Now that we have made the commitment to our builder. We are in the stage of yes, no, move this, move that, etc, etc.
The plan we have chosen has what seems to me a small kitchen, but has a butlers kitchen attached. One of the changes I would like to make is taking the butlers kitchen/WIC wall, and bumping it out to make one large kitchen and WIC. The kitchen would be I am guessing about 21 x 13.9. This seems grossly too big as well. Is it wide enough for an island? My husband has MS and will eventually need a wheelchair. If the area is large enough for an island (even a narrow one) will there be enough room for a wheelchair?
I would appreciate any comments regarding the kitchen as well as any other changes that others might see. We have already made all doorways and Master Bath wheelchair accessible. Thanks

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Wider door openings aren't the only aspect of the home that could be customized for your future needs. See the ADA Accessibility Guidelines for others that you may wish to incorporate into your design.

Modified counter heights, grab bars in the lavatories and light switch heights are changes that come instantly to mind.

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The family room seems a little isolated. Will it be a playroom, study, or a family room? Perhaps double doors to the great room as well will give some flow.

For your idea, do your mean combine the master walk in closet, butler pantry, and kitchen? I'm not sure I follow.

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Few thoughts. Some are w/c dependent due to a static health problem - paraplegia, amputation, etc. MS is complicated because it is a progressive disease. To me, I would look at personal care spaces that will accommodate him, his w/c, and a helper.
- The PR in the utility hall doesn't look MS friendly. However, that may not be a concern because the MBR bath area can be his main hygiene area.
- The MBR shower area will be a challenge for 2 to enter and exit due to the tub.
- The MBR toilet room doesn't look MS friendly and the wall doesn't look like it can be removed if needed later because of the sinks.

I like the outside access to the back, but would prefer the door to the back yard be closer to the kitchen so people don't have to be walking thru the pantry all the time.

Also -- look areas that will be possible grab bars and hand rail installations. As that those areas be blocked during framing to make it stronger. And, take pictures so you know where the blocking is.

Congrats on making "the jump." We meet with our architect next week to look at planes for us to take "the jump," too.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I will for sure think of where we have to reinforce for rails and things for stronger support. I had not even thought of that.
As in reference to the exit to the back yard, there are 2. A sliding glass door was added in the dining room as well as through the kitchen. Also, the whole wall that is the backside of the kitchen and WIC will be bumped out. By doing this the kitchen and the walk-in will be enlarged. The kitchen will be around 21-23 feet long and 13'11" wide by doing this.
We have already reworked the bathroom to make it wheelchair accessible; took out the tub, made a walk-in shower. We moved everything around and took out extra walls. It will be good and big.
The family room is actually going to be my art studio that has a separate door coming in from the front deck.
I really appreciate your comments. It helps me to focus!

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An art studio....that will be nice!

I'm not sure what the new master bath will look like, but I'm guessing the linen is now in the bathroom, so hopefully this will work. I moved the bedroom doorway over a bit, to work with the pantry. Not as big a WIC, but a lot more food storage...and hopefully makes up for the lack of upper cabinet storage, with the windows and sliders! Just an idea...hope this helps :) From Kitchen plans

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I'd look at changing doors to pocket doors.
if (lord forbid) someone was to fall the door
would block entry.

x2 on blocking for grab rails, and couner
top heights. light switches & tstat should
be within height acessable from wheelchair.

any provisions for ramps?
concrete is forever.

make sure architect is current on guidelines

best of luck.

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Congrats on jumping in to the world of building!!! This forum is awesome, brutally honest with their opinions, and a wonderful place to bounce ideas around. I would suggest posting in the kitchens forum! They will give you wonderful ideas and reasoning behind the suggestions. Add a post of your elevations too, I'm trying to visualize your plans and want to see how on track I am with the current layout.
It's fun to watch the monthly building thread, to see all the current builds that are going on.
Congrats again!

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Very nice plan.

I would lose the closet across from the toilet in the master, and open up that whole space. I would include a very wide door into the bathroom from the bedroom, maybe even double doors. And I would consider deleting the bathtub in favor of a large roll in shower. I just read an article that stated that 40% of new homebuilders are not putting bathtubs in their master bathrooms. (Granted, that high percentage was a bit of a surprise to me.)

Years ago, I used to sit with a friend with advanced MS, and we used a lift in the bathroom so that she could use the toilet and not wear diapers. (Lifted her from the wheelchair to the toilet.) I sincerely hope your husband's MS does not advance to this stage, but this bathroom as it is designed right now, would not easily accommodate anyone with a serious mobility issue.

Good luck.

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LL, I should just ask you to design a house for me!

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Vanilla- I would love to help. Post your design or let us know what you're looking for, if you're still searching for a design. Maybe we can help you find something to start with...and then you can add your own touches.

I think Red's design is wonderful...with all the nooks and window seats. That's not difficult to incorporate in most plans. Do you have anything in mind?

There are so many lovely plans on this site and a very talented group of people to help you. Don't be shy, if you want to post a few ideas :)

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Pam- Are you still there? What do you think of floor plan changes?

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This is the floorplan of my brother and SIL's house they built in Central WA a few years ago. They were one of the first with this floorplan, so the builder (who otherwise makes only a few adjustments) was more "adjusting" with them.

However, if you are interested in what they did; or if you are in WA (where this builder builds) and you'd like to see their house, my SIL has been known to let people come have a look.

In particular, she changed the cabinets and whatnot in the "butler's pantry" area. It is much more functional. She also changed the flooring in the dining room so it is the same as the kitchen--which was important for a young family (no carpet! in the dining room).

It is a really great floorplan and size for a family of 4, maybe 5. They now have 5 and it is a busy house, but reasonable to live in. Currently, the boys share a bedroom, and the girl (baby) has her own. The front bedroom off the foyer is used as a guest room.

You can PM me if you'd like to get in touch with my SIL. Central WA just off I-90.

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(I would also say, if you aren't using the original company (hilinehomes.com and now a couple others that broke off of/expanded from Hiline) to build this plan, and you "just found it online" and intend to copy it, make sure you do so legally...

The changes you mention aren't something the original builder/company would have accommodated 5 yrs ago.

Here is a link that might be useful: plan 2576 hiline homes site

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I would love to look at the house if possible. We are in WA and are working with Highline Homes. We got the OK to expand the kitchen. Yeah. Still deciding on a lot of things though. It is a long process!

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Hi Pam,
I tried to email you back, not sure if it will go through though, since it looks like you may not have your email set to accept emails through GW. This is the message:
(PLEASE NOTE: The member responding to your post has chosen not to reveal his or her email address. Therefore, you cannot reply to this message via email.)

I'm not sure if that means you won't get my email I replied with, or if I just can't see your email address (which I cannot). You might have to change you settings though, at least long enough to receive my reply...

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