Does this freestanding vanity fit?

luvn2oxfrdFebruary 24, 2012

We are in the process of updating our hallway bathroom. It is currently early 1980s builder grade and is very tired and worn. We are replacing all fixtures, flooring, tile, etc., but are keeping the current layout for budget purposes. The bathroom is a narrow 9x7 with a 72" vanity on the left wall. The toilet is at the end of the cabinet run. The bathtub and a generous linen closet are on the right wall. I've included a picture of the current vanity below.

I found a 72" freestanding vanity that we like. I think it is a good mix of my husband's more traditional style with my transitional. My question is whether the freestanding vanity will fit into the space left by removing the built-in cabinetry? Both are 72" long, but the freestanding has a piece of detailing that juts out underneath the countertop and would not lie flush with the wall. Will this be odd? have an inch wide gap between the vanity and the wall? Or would it be wiser to buy a shorter freestanding vanity (a 60"?), so that the gap between the vanity and the wall looked intentional?

Can you even put a 60" double freestanding vanity in place of the 72" built-in without moving plumbing? Forgive my ignorant question, but is there enough "play" with the fixtures, or does everything need to line up exactly?

I guess a secondary question would speak to the depth of the vanity. The current vanity is a standard(?) 22" with countertop. I guess the builder didn't take the drywall into account because the door frame had to be cut out to accommodate the countertop. The new vanity is also 22" deep. We planned to again notch the door frame, presuming this is the least expensive solution. Is that correct, or would it behoove me to look into narrower custom cabinetry? I've included a picture of the current vanity below that shows how it encroaches on the door frame.

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We had a similar situation and ended up refinishing our old builder grade oak 93" vanity. It was in an alcove and I didn't like the idea of having a free standing vanity because there would be a small gap on each side that would either become a haven for dust, or we would have to find matching molding to close the gap. The refinishing went well so we kept out old vanity but if it hadn't we would have replaced it with a ready to assemble vanity. You might try a search for "RTA vanity" they are far less expensive than custom and are modular so you can usually find components that will end up being the size that you need. This picture doesn't show our entire vanity, but I think you can get the idea from it

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