Storage...or Privacy?

kimplicatedFebruary 27, 2014

Hi all,

I'm currently laying out a master bath, with the current plan below. You enter from the closet (controversial, I know! But we're working hard to minimize light and noise for the later sleeper) and I'd love for the pretty tiled shower to be the first thing you see. this configuration, there's not enough room in front of the toilet to have a toilet room door (because of the window on the left).

So the option is to swap the toilet and the shower, which will enable us to fit a toilet room door (no window to work around). But then the entrance could feel cramped and the first thing you see when walking in is either a door or a toilet (ew). Plus, I don't like the idea of having a window in the shower--we're in a city and our backyard neighbors are only about 40' away.

What do you think? Would you forego the toilet room door and have the shower privacy and placement that you want? Or would you swap 'em, get your toilet room privacy, and sacrifice on the overall look?

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I never understood why people want a toilet room, especially as they never seem to have a sink in that room. Maybe I'm a bit of a germaphobe, but I don't like the idea of touching the doorknob after everyone else has used the bathroom and not washed their hands.

I would forego the toilet room. And I don't find it odd that you enter from the closet. I would find it odder to have to go through the bathroom to get to the closet!

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Good point about the germs and the doorknob! Thanks for the thought.

As an explanation, we are considering the door because, practically, I have a feeling the door between the closet and the bathroom will get left open frequently. But maybe if it's in its nook, outside of the door's sightline, that's enough to prevent unpleasant surprises...

And I totally agree on entering the closet from the bathroom--that layout never appealed to me. In that case, a toilet room would be non-negotiable. The other thing about having the toilet on the left is that if we do change our mind about entering from the closet at the same time that we win the lottery, we can put a door straight in from the bedroom without worrying about the bathroom & toilet door colliding.

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And I totally agree on entering the closet from the bathroom--that layout never appealed to me.

I also always thought that layout was a terrible idea, but its what we had in the rental we lived in for 10 months last year and it was actually great - very practical. We did have a separate toilet "room within a room" though.

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I like it as is and wouldn't move the toilet or install a privacy door. Even if you swapped the layout and installed a privacy door, I wouldn't want a view of another closed door. Another thing to think about is that if you enclose the toilet, your shower would have only one glass door vs what appears to be a glass panel and a glass door, making for a much darker shower.

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I like the layout as is. I agree it will feel more open and pleasant to walk into the bathroom with the shower directly across from the entrance. I've never lived anywhere with an actual toilet room, so I certainly don't find them a necessity. Like Lotteryticket I find myself having a slight germaphobe reaction to the idea of a toilet room with a door without a sink inside. In my house, we knock (and wait for a response) before entering a bathroom with a closed door, so your setup would work just fine for us. And we rarely have collisions where someone needs to get into that particular bathroom while another person is using the toilet. I think your layout as is will work great.

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I don't really understand the point that the door knob to the toilet room is dirty and gross after you use the bathroom, as wouldn't the handles on the faucet when you turn them on after using the toilet be just as full of germs? Then you use your clean hands you just washed to turn the faucet off which still has germs from your dirty hands turning it on.

Unless you just use one hand in the bathroom and keep one clean to turn on the faucet, but then you can also use that cleaner hand to open the handle on the door to the toilet room. I don't see the door handle being anymore gross or full of germs than the faucet.

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I would think about putting a pony wall between the toilet and the shower, with glass above - that would provide a little more privacy to the toilet than if the shower was completely glass, without cutting down the light into the shower much.

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