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sunflower1160February 4, 2013

Hello everyone,
I am so glad that I found this forum. Here is my question. My husband and I are getting ready to build our home. We are in the budgeting phase. I had my heart set on a Sub Zero side by side refrigator and freezer. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the price point. Our builder suggested we look at Thermador or Samsung. What are your thoughts? Are these good brands? or there others we should look at? Thanks in advance

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Depends on why you want a subzero. If you want dual compressors (i.e. different compressors for fridge and freezer) only subzero and Liebherr have them. Liebherr is considerably cheaper than subzero, and generally has a good reputation. I am still deciding between the two brands myself.

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I have had the monogram built-ins in my past 2 homes. I love them. Had them paneled, and we love the water/ice in the door. The only downside for me was that it is not truly integrated and flush, with the protrusion being about 2.5" including the wood panels (which are solid like our cabinets).

I liked the flush integration of the unpaneled sub zeros, but I am a best bang for the buck sort of shopper. I could not wrap my brain around the difference in price, and knew I could do a lot more with the money than put it in a fridge system that was not going to make a significant difference in my life. However, if full integration was at the top of my list, I would have gotten sub zeros.

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happy liebherr owner..had it over a year and half and no problems mechanically.
they did have to reset the doors so they close and wound up putting on new gasket..fine since then
we have 36" FD hcb2062

very very quiet - we are a fam of 5 and have no issues with space in frig. freezer drawers on small size, but we have a freezer in basement, so for us not really an issue

we love the frig!!!

we also looked at subzero and miele saw prices and moved on, just couldn't justify price...
ours is paneled, fully integrated so this limited our choices..
would buy again...

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