Oil anti-leak additives

vgkgFebruary 5, 2013

Hi there,
I see about a dozen different brands/varieties on the shelf claiming to stop engine oil leaks. The prices vary widely. My old rarely driven van drips about 2-3 drops per day at most (stored over pan) and if I add anything to it's oil I want it to work and to do no harm. Any recommendations on which is best anti-leak brand to use for a faulty gasket that would cost about $1000 to replace? Thanks for any advice.

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Since the leak is very small, and the vehicle driven only occaasionaly, I'd be inclined to leave it alone. You said it was a leaky gasket - which one? Valve cover, oil pan, crank shaft seal front or back, valley cover on a V-engine? The cost to repair depends on what is leaking, also, the choice of sealer.

If you are not loosing enough oil to create a problem, either repair it or leave it alone. Many sealants designed for adding to the engine oil work by causing seals and gaskets to swell. These can also affect internal engine parts such as valve seals. In my opinion, their effectivess is temporary and not recommended.

If the leak is from a crank shaft seal, there are other possibilities. A direct repalcement may not be the answer. Sometimes, these leak because of excessive crank movement in the main bearings. The crank can move up and down (by a very small amount) if the crank journals are no longer round or the main bearings worn. Crank seals can not hold seal on a wobbling crank. This is a major cost to repair.

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Thanks for the advice Jemdandy, the leak is from the gasket that's between the transmission/engine contact and an estimated $800 repair, more than the van is worth. Yes, just 2-3 drops after traveling and it parked over a pan during non use. Probably less than a pint of oil leaks over a 6 month period. If there is one particular brand of anti-leak that might help more than harm I'd appreciate your thoughts, otherwise leaving it be is probably the way to go.

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Just my 2 cents, but I've had good overall results using a "high mileage" oil.
(Castrol GTX High Mileage). Depending on the mileage on your engine of course.
It hasn't stopped the leak 100%, but it sure has helped, and on more than one vehicle.

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exgm, thanks for the tip. Any particular oil weight on the Castrol?

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