Need ideas for a C.V. boot repair. My car.

kaliningFebruary 27, 2008

Anyone out there please chime in. As i said this is my car.

Finished my 30 day inspection. Found a pin hole in the

out board C.V. boot and i mean pin hole. Looks like a fault

in the plastic. This hole is in the outside extreme part of

the boot up against the clamp on the outer pleat, not the

inside pleat. It is losing grease. This is well past warranty. Thinking of patching it with urethane or using the plastic cutting tip of a hand held soldering gun to melt the hole closed. What works for you ? Any other ideas ? Normally i'd just replace the axil but for a pin hole, i might rethink this one. I do know what your thinking. " replace the axil ". I'm thinking someone might have come across this before and fixed it and it stayed fixed. I'll probably replace the axil in spring if it can't

be fixed. they only cost $60.00 new and a boot kit is $30.00. The only problem i'm seeing is burping the boot

during the repair while it is still on the car. O.K. people

i know your good so let's see how good. Any ideas ?

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Replace the boot. It's not that difficult to do, but don't even think about doing it "on the car", remove the axleshaft and it will take you just a few minutes to figure out how the joint comes apart. Do it now before the joint gets damaged and it will last years.

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Thanks john. I've done dozens of these and i'm sick of them. We were not allowed to replace anything but the boot
if under warrenty even if the ball and cage was damaged we
had to repair it. I can replace this axil and have the car
back on the ground before the old boot and cage are even
removed. It takes longer to jack up the car, set up the
stands, and remove the tire than it does to replace the
axil. Axils are cheap. I'll just replace it and i know i
have a new one and under warrenty. I know how i'm going to fix it i just thought someone else had ideas before i replace it and only when i'm in the mood. I don't normally
fix anything. I just replace it with new. Except a motor
or transmission, sometimes. Thanks for the input. The old lady has friday,saturday,and sunday off so it might get
replaced this weekend. If she is in one of her moods i might just take extra time and put in a boot kit. If your
interested i'll let you know how the repair turns out.

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