Heat and A/C controls: Ok To leave on?

Pooh BearFebruary 14, 2007

1997 Ford Escort sedan.

Everytime my wife turns off the engine in the car

she turns the heat or A/C control to the off position.

Someone told her it was bad for it to leave it on when the

engine is not running. That it would mess it up. I say hogwash.

I would like to get one of those remote starter kits.

Sure would be nice to go out to a warm car on days like today.

Or a cool car in the summer months.

So which is right. Ok to leave it on, or turn it off with the engine.


Pooh Bear

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Pooh Bear it is total hogwash. But can you really afford to let your car idle long enough to cool or heat the interior with todays gasoline prices? I'd rather be a mile down the road.

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Pooh Bear

Thanks for the info. I showed this post to my wife.
She said, "Your Dad told it to me."
I told her he leaves his on all the time.

I don't mind spending the gas for 10 minutes of idling
if it means going out to a warm car on cold days.
Wouldn't have to do it very often anyway.

Now I gotta talk her into one of those remote car starters.


Pooh Bear

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Pooh you may want to let the little woman know that constantly turning on and off the HVAC controls will drastically shorten the life of the control module from overuse, leaving them alone is what the engineers had in mind. NEVER FIGHT THE LAWS OF NATURE. Best to leave it alone and not be snatching it back and forward. I would suspect that she has already used up a good portion of the controls expected lifetime by constantly manipulating the knobs, besides she could break a nail doing that!!!

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your going to love the remote start, have them on all my vehicles. also nice for cooling dn the car on those super hot days.

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