A little Truck That Might help Someone

iggieFebruary 29, 2008

After recently helping my grandson replace the head gaskets on his car, I was approached by a young friend of his who was trying to replace the water pump on a 93 Pontiac Bonnerville with the 3.8 engine, He had been able to remove all the bolts except one long stud. This stud was in such a position that a stud puller could not be used,AND the pump could not be moved with this stud in place. he was told a special close quarters stud puller would be needed. He could not find one at a rental place. He ask what would I suggest, after looking at the situation, I suggested he screw two nuts on the stud, lock them together, then back the stud out by using an end wrench on the bacK nut. This worked fine. I relate this in the hope it might help someone else, with a similar problem.

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Oh, a TRICK. Your title said a TRUCK!

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I am like Iggie when I run into a problem like that I use a TRUCK. It works every time. :>) Keep up the good work. Just remember that old saying ( oops there is that word again "old") it's not how much work you do it is how you do it.

Oh yea! Watch out Iggie I am starting to catch up with you age wise. Now with that said I have to go shovel snow. :>(

Have A Good Day

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