Saturn Outlook

justjustinFebruary 2, 2007

Strongly considering making a trade from my Volvo XC90 to this vehicle (dealership is Volvo/Cadillac/Hummer/Saturn) as I drove one the other day when I went in for service. I fell in love almost immediately.

Anyone have anything to say about these vehicles. I know they are very new to the markety, just wondering if anyone had any words of wisdom (besides not buying a first year market product).



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go to
It's not an easy site to navigate but it has the most customer reviews of any car site I've found and will aslo have some editorial reviews that seem pretty unbiased unlike the magazines.

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It's essentially the same vehicle as the Buick Enclave. Might want to search for info on that one, as well.

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Leased a totally loaded out navy blue one this morning, trading in my '05 Volvo XC90 .

91 miles later I'm in love!


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