Which decoration would match better?

janesylviaFebruary 28, 2012

I am going to have crema marfil tiles for my bathtub/shower walls shown as follows:

I am hesitating on whether to choose the decoration shown in the original picture, or some other decorations shown as follows that I took picture of in different stores.

The decoration in row2 column 1 might not work because 1) its width is only 8", not compatible with the tile width 13". 2) it might not be available.

For the decoration in row2 column 3, I am only interested in putting two rows of the cream-colored squares with different tone. Please ignoring the lower row of dark-colored ones.

Which decoration (including the one in original picture with tiles) would you think matches the best with the crema marfil tiles for bathtub/shower walls?

Thank you very much. Any other suggestions would also be greatly appreciated.

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What style(s) do you want for the bathroom (modern, traditional, transitional, formal, casual, vintage, etc)? What will you be using for the floors of the shower and the floors of the bathroom?

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I like the original one you had pictured on the last thread, then the 8x12 raised pattern one (2nd row down, right hand column), then I like the herringbone pattern one (3rd row down, left hand column.) It really depends on what style you are trying to achieve as pricklypearcactus' post alludes to. Hope this helps!

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picklypearcactus, thank you very much. I'd like to have modern, or classic style. The floor of the bathroom would be 13x13 tiles similar to the wall (cream color).

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mydreamhome, thank you very much for your help. I almost decided on the one in the last thread you mentioned until I went to the store. The tile was only $1.19/SF( while the 13x26 one is $3.99/SF). I doubt the quality might not be good. Its listello's width is 10", not compatible with my current tile's width of 13". The raised pattern above has a width of 8". I personally also like these pattern, which look really nice with marble-looking tiles. But most of them are out of stock now.

I'll think about the herringbone pattern one you mentioned, and may buy a tile as a sample to compare to the listellos to see how they are together.

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The listellos often don't match up in width with the tile. I personally don't think they have to. Another thing to think about is maybe not doing one at all especially since you're not doing multi-size tiles in there where you would need something to help transition. It would certainly save alot of $$$ and install time. IMO, when you're dealing with a tile that has the marble look to it, it can definitely stand on its own just fine with all the depth and dimension it brings vs. a solid color tile. Just something to think about.

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I agree with mydreamhome that the listello doesn't necessarily have to match up in width to the tile. I like the original linear glass (which leans towards contemporary or modern), the herringbone (2nd row, 2nd column - classic I think), the basketweave (3rd row, 1st column - again classic), or the listello (2nd row, 1st column - classic/traditional). I'm not quite certain how I'd picture the basketweave used as an accent. I might suggest using that for shower floor if you decide to use it as an accent.

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Lynne Reno

My preferences are:
1) top row
2) 2nd row middle picture
3) 3rd row 1st picture

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