John. Throw away your hearing aid.

kaliningFebruary 11, 2009

Your about to hear everything. Got a call from our other

neighbourhood mechanic. seems that my neighbour ( useless

looser ) has a 96 neon. Told him last year before he bought it the timing belt has done it's time. Well it jumped last week in his driveway. He managed to get it over to this guys shop. Out by 3 teeth. He did all his own work. this guy will not spend a sent even to save his

own life. He rope starts his quad because he won't spend

$11.00 on a brush set for the starter. Anyway he puts the old timing belt back on, retimes it and drives away after

resilliconing all the old gaskets. didn't even think about

replacing the water pump after it was apart. Here is the

worse part. With this idiots luck his car will probably run

this way forever. Where is the justice ?

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The justice is found by NOT allowing him to use the shop to do his own work. There are so many reasons why that is wrong it isnt funny. There are so many problems that could cause the shop to suffer a monetary loss that HAS to be passed onto the shops other customers that in the best interest of those other customers your neighbor would have to go.

Now if the other mechanic in your town insists on continuing to operate a charity, instead of a business, well its only a matter of time before everyone wonders why he went out of business, because he was such a nice guy. Meanwhile, every shop in town had to cut pricing to "be competitive, and NO-ONE went to enough continued education training, and continued to invest in the tools required to keep up with today's technology. So, I hope the people in your town can always afford new cars, because they aren't going to have people trained and equipped to keep the ones they have running for very long!

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theres a big gray area between, not running unsafe, and repaired correct and safe. where i come from most folks are somewhere in the middle of that gray area, i like to call good enough, and safe enough, aint perfect but it gets the job done. with things the way they are now, theres going to be more and more people living in that gray area.

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The guy in question was born in the gray area. He gets his
T.V.s from the dump. Goes down to the river to draw water
because he is too cheap to fix his well. Makes his rounds to everyone in the town to see what you have so he can
borrow it. spent 180 bucks on 4 leaking gas tanks for his
truck because he wouldn't buy a new one. A new one costs
109.89. He never got it fixed. this doesn't count the four
120 mile round trips to get the tanks. I have 4 T.V. dishes
on my roof. He actually blamed my dishes for screwing up his tv. because it went all snowy and he lost 3 channels He has a 30 year old antenna 20 feet from the ground and a T.V. from the dump. He forgot that he is surrounded by
80 foot tall trees. I wonder how long a dried out streched
timing belt will last ? With this guy's luck, probably
forever. The shop he went to was a private shop not open to the public. He used to bug me all the time untill we
had this T.V. fight. I exploded and called him everything
except insulting his native heritage. In this country
that could land you in jail. Haven't seen him since. This
was last year. When his truck was running and before our
fight he brought over his truck.I said it needs wires.
He brought it over after changing wires. Ran worse than ever. I said take the wires back for warranty. He said he couldn't because he got them from the dump. He changed his
tie rod end and after that he had a major pull to one side.
Turned the wheel and it pulled to the other side. He got the tie rod end from the wreaker. It was seized solid. What
do you do with a guy like this ? And yes he has money. He has a saw mill and was offered many jobs with it. He won't
do it. He never sells or gives anything away. It will rot
in his yard first and does. He has a back hoe with a bucket
that needs one valve in the spool valve assembly. I think
the motor has seized by now and the tires have rotted off.
Oh well to each his own. Anyone else with neat neighbours ?
I should write a book about this guy.

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wow! sounds like you live next to my brother in law.

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Bill, your kidding. Two people of the same color in the
same world ? ( color means nothing it's just a word thing )

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