Pictures of a few more items in my junk pile

rjingaDecember 25, 2009

well I've gone through more of the CL "estate" truck load sale.

There are some interesting things, a hod podge of stuff. I'd love to find out what some of this stuff is.

But here are a bunch of pictures. let me know if you see anything of interest *aka* value ha ha :)

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I got a little fired up when I saw the Beatles 45 (tho it looks worn and collectors look for 'newer' condition. Seems likes a really worn out Beatles 45s was not a rarity ;D ).

Anyway, here is something I found. Yours appears to be an Anniversary Edition (if site author is a reliable source):

Between Capitol and Apple alone we've seen at least 20 different variations of "I Want to Hold Your Hand," but only two of those reissues have that yellow and orange label, and are numbered 5112. Both are special anniversary issues intended to replicate the originals.

All variations have the music publishing company name on the right side, directly above the time (2:24).

If that name is Walter Hoffer [Music], George Pincus & Sons Music, or Gil Music Corp., you have a '64 original.

Should it read Duchess Music Corporation, and have black text printed around most of the outside border of the label, it is a 20th Anniversary (1964-1984) edition.

In 1994, Capitol issued a 30th Anniversary (1964-1994) edition, also published by Duchess Music Corporation. This one, however, has only a few words at the bottom, underneath "The Beatles," all in WHITE print.

Full text of Q&A here.

In case you find anymore Beatles 45s, you might be interested in a couple sites. I can't direct link, GW software thinks I'm spamming the board. Google "Beatles 45 value".

1st hit you get is a collector's price guide.

2nd hit you'll get is a how to appraise article, with tips on desirability and condition.

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Well, there are more of the beatles 45's, all very similiar to what is described, but unfortunately they are just what you described, really worn out Beatle 45's.

so I may just have to search out a 45 player and keep them for myself...

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rjinga, so as not to discourage you, do take a look at the google links above I mentioned.
Or better yet, let me see if I can get around the spam filter here, since I'm not soliciting anything.

The one below is is a really short article with good tips. (There are exceptions to the re-released songs, and they note what it is.) It also says 'lower condition lowers the value of course', but that doesn't mean a die-hard Beatles fan won't want it if it's a hard to find recording.

OK, I was able to copy and paste that one. But if you want to view the price guide I found, you'll need to google "Beatles 45 values". 1st response is it. (No doubt there are other price guides, but that one lists detailed dates or recordings, when they were done, etc. Might be a good way to help you date what you have.)

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The cream colored teapot with the "rings" looks like Bauer ringware, but most collectors want a lid. Still, you might be able to find a solo lid and introduce them.

Is the compote (lower right in lst photo) sterling?

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The teapot is not marked,and it has a crackle finish. The silver piece ia marked "spring flower" Wm Rogers & Son, 2040.

I'm not discouraged at all moonshadow, I just need to be practical and realistic when listing these items, I'm just trying to sort out what it is and IF it has any resale value. I'm obviously not going to find a priceless piece in this mix, but I think that many of these items have at least some appeal and will hopefully resell in my booth.

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The teapot looks like it might a raku glaze.

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When I'm buying a new record I'm mostly interested in the part where songs are recorded & look carefully to see if any scratches, I hold it several ways, towards light, looking across it from couple of angles & on both sides. I want to play what I buy so not interested in "antique value" I would think there would be interest in your booth by Beatles fans, condition of center is a plus but I would buy it if there were no scratches. You are looking at 2 types of buyers. Antique & music lovers so you could try pricing them by what price guide says especially if you live in an area where there are lot of Beatles fans, ever have concert near your area, lot of hippie action years ago, those folks are older & might be looking for antiques & just happen on some good music too. I have seen a lady on Crafts & Decorations forum make purses out of some records. They might also make great "room" nostalgia wall hangings, you might display a couple that way.(GF & I had booth some years ago for a short time until he rented the building out) it was great fun!

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Fori is not pleased

OK,what's the blackish-silverish thing with the feet and the hole in the top in the last picture (in the original post)?

Crystal ball holder?

That wicker greenish (?) bathroom magazine rack is almost cool. Almost!

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sunny, your post reminded me of the DH of a friend/coworker when I was younger. He was just a baby when Beatles hit the US, but he was one die-hard fan and collector. Every concert, all kinds of memorabilia, just rabid over anything Beatles (kind of like Trekkies or DeadHeads are. ;) So maybe rjinga could hit it with that market.

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The blackish thing with a hole is a very well worn...looks like all the silver is missing...pickle castor....without the fancy glass jar and tongs that go in it.

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ahhh linda good eye! pickle caster, I wonder if there is a way to clean it up? it does have some neat detail.
wish mine was intact...check this out!!

not sure if you can get that link but its $1,300

Fori, that green thing is plastic and it's a very dated letter holder/organizer. Very retro looking!

Love the idea of framing a few of those beattles 45's that's really a brilliant idea. IF they have no real value for collecting, they would be neat displayed as art!

You guys/gals are so sharp!!

I went thrift store shopping today and found some great finds. it's really amazing what you can find if you really hunt in there!!

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That $1300 price tag is a joke!! He will be lucky to get $300 for a damaged piece. And the glass is a long way from typical amberina glass of the era of that pickle castor.
It's beautiful but I think the holder and the jar were only recently acquainted!
Does your pickle jar holder have any marking?

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I will examine it closer and get back to you :) Ya, I often think these ebay ads are unrealistic price wise. Since I now know what it is!!! I will search closer for any missing parts that might have gone with it that might have been separated but still there somewhere. What type of bottle might have been with it? and you mentioned tongs? they would have to be kinda small to fit on the top from the top to the upper part of the thing is not too tall.

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My Warman's book says a pickle castor consists of a holder usually silver- plated,a glass insert with matching silver- plated lid &matching tongs. I have 1 boxed up somewhere & the tongs are only about 4 inches long if that. Glass can be clear patterned or colored, so look at items you have & see if you have any glass container that will sit in that rim perfectly & any lid that you thought maybe went to silver plate sugar bowl, may go to this. Tongs usually have a kind of "W" shape to grip the pickle without mashing it. All decoration on silver-plate should be the same.
they were popular during the Victorian era(does that mean during rein of Queen Victoria??)Sorry, always wondered!

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What is the pickle castor sitting on? Is that a box label? It looks like if it is in good shape, it would be nice item for your booth, even if it is a reproduction, the colors are great! Nice decorator piece! I went back & looked at everything on this post trying to see if I saw anything that would go with the castor. It is not a bottle you are looking for. The pickles would have been home canned & packed in canning jar & then taken out & put in the pickle castor for company so the glass jar would be pretty nice & attractive as ladies were proud of their pickles. They pickled cucumbers, carrots, watermelon(delicious) & sometimes other veggies.Onions & green string beans were sometimes included. When I was growing up they were always served with lunch & dinner(supper- in So. Dak.) I didn't get my aunt's recipes, wish I had as I tried many watermelon pickle recipes, not good like her's.

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Fori is not pleased

How big is that pickle thing? It looks huge for pickle dispensing, but perhaps I wasn't raised in a pickle culture and don't realize how prominent pickles should be. I'm certainly not familiar with this type of item!

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The pickle castor :) (so proud to know what it is) has the mark JB on the bottom in the middle of a circle.

the opening of the center hole is not that huge, maybe 3 1/2 inches in diameter.

The thing underneath the castor is a metal sign, (my own not part of the lot) and it's definitely french inspired, I could put it up in the booth, but I dont want to sell it :)

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Pickle tongs are long....4 inch tongs would be for sugar.
I don't know the JB mark....just wanted to see if it said triple plate or quadruple plate.
Yes..."Victorian" refers to the reign of Queen Victoria. She was crowned in 1839 and died in 1901.

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this one is missing responses too, hmmmmm, anyone else having this problem or noticing this issue?

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Lots of messed up stuff on other forums as well.....apparently there are sun spots...or it's the Y2K thing plus 10...or iVillages is reworking something again.

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JB mark is well known Jennings Brothers, late, late victorian c1890's to 1950's.

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