Low Oil Message

buckyFebruary 6, 2009

Hi guys! Been awhile since I posted. Since having the oil changed on my wifes 07 Malibu Maxx last week, the information screen has flashed a low oil level message. The idiot light on the dash has not come on at all. The oil level is fine. Any idea what could cause this to occur?

Thanks: Bucky

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I don't know how Chevy measures oil level. so everything here is a guess.

1. The idot light probably indicates low oil pressure. The oil level can be low and there still be good oil pressure except while negotiating turns.

2. Something wrong in the oil level sense system, maybe the sensor.

3. Maybe after startng the engine, there is a quart or more oil sitting under the valve covers - the oil is cold and is not draining back to the pan, possibly the drainways are partly plugged.

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Is that with the v6 or the 4cyl?

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Its the V6 engine. As the pressure and oil level are okay I'll follow-up on your sensor idea. Thanks a lot.

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There is a sensor inside the oil pan that the PCM uses to detect the engine oil level. I looked briefly to see if I could find a service reference for it, because I seem to recall hearing about a potential issue where the sensor does not report the oil level correctly. I did not find any TSB's on the thing when I checked, but that does not mean that the sensor or wiring harness for it do not need attention.

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Thanks for the heads up on this John D and John G. I'll have my mechanic check it out first thing.

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Fellas: Problem was a bad oil level sensor in the oil pan. Had it replaced at the GM dealership under warranty. According to the GM Service Tech these sensors are pretty touchy and prone to failure. Thanks for the help on this John G and Jemdandy


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