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mepopFebruary 26, 2007

Why is it I canÂt find a really good, really powerful vacuum cleaner for cars? I like to keep my cars clean but even the vacs at the car washes donÂt have the ability to get into the small spaces of my vehicles. I donÂt want some massive mastodon shopvac that I need to drag out for my wife to use but something smaller that works fast.

Any recommendations anyone? Thanks in advance.

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I have a small Sears craftsman "shop vac" vacuum. Easily fits in my Camry's trunk!

Here is a link that might be useful: vacuum

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You could haul out your regular household vacuum cleaner. These have plenty of attachements to get into nooks and crannies and most are powerful enough to do the job.

The last time we replaced our household vacuum cleaner, I kept the old one for such knock-around jobs.

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I second that last. I've had better luck with the house vacuum cleaner and the nook&crannie attachments.

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My craftsman came with a pile of tools. The one benefit of a "shop vac" is tha it can pick up liquids!! Which came in very handy a few weeks back!! I put my XL dunkins coffee in the cup holder. My dog jumped up and knocked it over!! Coffee everywhere, driving down the road,lol wasn't fun! I had coffee everywhere. Took awhile to clean up, the shop vac came in very handy!!

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I have one of those little Craftsman shop vacs.Looks just like the big ones only small.They work very well.I have 3 Craftsman shop vacs Big Medium and Small.That little one is no wimpy little vac.

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Do you need an upholstry brush attachment or just a vacuum? Why not get one of theose little handheld units like Dustbuster. I use the handheld unit from my Pronto stickvac.

I also got a little handheld vacuum model that plugs into a cigarette lighter. Great for quick touch ups for things like cig ashes and food crumbs and you can keep it in the car all the time.

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