DIY Tinting?

theonecalledlFebruary 16, 2006

Anyone ever bought a DIY kit from this website or know of any reviews?

I have a little 1987 2dr Nissan Sunny that I'll have for only about 6 months left and I wanted to see how hard it would be to tint it myself.(I'm probably going to give my car away to a friend that'll be around for another year after I leave.)

Also, I'm not going to attempt to do the back of the car. Anyone know how much it would cost to have a professional put the tint in?

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DIY as having a pro do this may exceed the car's value.This is ,IMO, a good vehicle on which to learn.

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Check with your state and local codes about how much (dark) tinting is allowed. In many places, if the tint is too dark to permit a Law Officer to view the occupants, then its too dark.

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I tinted all the windows on all three of my trucks. As long as the windows were flat it was easy and both S-10's never peeled the entire 8 yrs and 4 yrs I owned them. Just got the Sierra, hasn't had time to peel. I could never do the curved glass right.
I know that they make a kit for curved glass that comes in strips which is supposed to make it easier.
Good luck with it.

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All of my cars have been professionally done, and I watch how they do it each time.
I thought once it looked so easy I'd give it a try. WHAT a mess. I didn't have the experience, or proper materials for the job.
I talked to my window tinter and he said the stuff we buy in stores is hard to work with and crinkles. His professional tint is more pliable. He also has a very clean garage for this. (My trial had dust, dirt, hair etc. caught in-between the window and tint. As said above, windows with a curve are a nightmare.

What I have done successfully is tint all the windows of my home. The windows are obviously flat and give me more room to work. No tight areas either! I did an okay job. Still have the problem of dog hair floating in the air and ending up in-between the glass and tint! But you can't tell from the outside. Has saved my utility bills by cutting down on the hot sun entering the house.

Good luck!

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I also just found out the local tint shop near me uses a computer cutter to cut the tint to each vehicle. As a bonus they'll sell you the tint pre-cut for your car for $25 for the side windows(both) and 30 for the back on trucks and 40 for car rear windows.
Which pre-cut would make it alot easier. Never tired it that way but I know the cutting part is the hardest. But if you can hang wall paper or just have a steady hand and a sharp e-xacto knife you should be fine. I use a bondo squeege(sp?) to gently push the air bubbles and excess water/soap mixture out.

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