Subaru Forester 2004 clicks on slow right turn

jerry_njFebruary 14, 2010

My wife's car, I don't drive it much, has about 45,000 miles, a 2004 Subaru Forester.

I was driving it a couple of weeks ago on a trip from NJ to Florida. I had checked the car out carefully before departure and felt it was running great on the Interstates. I didn't notice any noise until pulling into a "rest stop" about 200 miles into the trip and when making a slow right hand turn into a parking spot I heard a clicking sound and said something of concern about it. Especially as I had put on new front break pads before leaving home. My wife says: "it has been doing that for a long time". I paid close attention on slow left hand turns and did not hear the same sound.

Any idea on what may be going on? I would think it is not normal/right. I think something is amiss.

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Maybe a CV joint. Check the boots and joints for damage.

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Thanks, I'll check the boots. I think I look at them when I change the oil, but as I said: wife says it has been clicking for some time (I assume a year or more). I also had the car in to the dealer for new tires: good price and a good check-out of the car as they look for anything they can recommend service or repairs on. They didn't mention any boots or joints. This was about 2,000 miles back that the dealer's shop took a close look at the car. In fact they recommended new front shoes and turn the rotors. I left the rotors alone and replaced the shoes myself.
Can a CV joint "click" on a slow sharp turn and still work for thousands of miles?

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