2003 Taurus strange electrical problem

DNT1February 12, 2007

Intermittent problem on 03 Ford Taurus SES wioth 30k miles. Occasionally the dash lights will all come on and the tach/speedo will fluctuate while driving sometimes the engine will stall. It only lasts a few seconds and then everything appears to be normal again. I have read that the newer electrical systems called CAN digital electrical systems is subject to interference from some types of radar. What do you guys know about that? Is it even possible for some form of electromagnetic enerrgy (radar)to cause this to happen. I have seen many websites where people have complained about this very same problem but have yet to find the solution. The vehicle has been to the dealer numerous times and they cannot duplicate the problem and there are no stored codes in the computer. It runs great other than the times the problem appears. It might be two days or two months before it does it again you just never know very mysterious.

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This is a stange and troublesome problem. I wouldn't want it to happen while passing someone on a two lane road, or crossing a busy intersection.

I have no clue about this one, but I'll mention a problem from the past. One day, the Cadillac dealers in one area began to receive a rash of calls about the trunk lids popping open of their own accord. This problem was reported only in one area. By observation, it was attributed to military jet fighters on trainning flights flyovers. Apparently, their transmitters were keying the remote system on the autos. The military never admitted to any transmissions and would not disclose the frequencies and modulation they were using. GM fixed the problem by changing the operating frequency and key code pulses. Look around the next time the problem occurs: Are you passing under a power transmission line, near cell phone tower, etc.

Is something keying the security system? Do you or anyone in the vehicle with you carry a spare key fob in their pocket, and if so, is there a possibility its panic button is getting inadvertently pressed?

Lets us know when you solve it. I'm betting on some electrical/eletronic grelim.

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This is a pretty wild guess but you've a wild problem.

Look to see if it happens on certain maneuvers like a turn or switching lanes. There may be a wire swinging against something.

I had a '64 Volvo with a chain running from the radiator into the cab to adjust a radiator shield (Swedish thermostat). Well on left turns or lane switches to the left if it was hanging loose that chain would swing against the coil; short it out. Left me dead in the water couple times. I had to constantly tug on it to make sure it was taught. That's where the expression "pulling your chain" comes from.

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