Is there a fix for my Avon LED Christmas house?

texasgal47December 5, 2012

Five or six years ago I was gifted with three Avon Christmas decorations, a plastic church, house, and gazebo. All 3 have the tiny LED lights with a rotating light wheel which causes the LED lights of each to rotate colors--very beautiful. This year, the LED lights come on for the church and house, but the color wheel is completely dead in both. The lights don't come on at all in my gazebo, either by plugging in or batteries. (Thank you, China.) Have any of you handy men (or women) been able to bring these products back to life?

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Can't say without seeing the objects. Very likley, the color wheels are driven by a simple clock motor and all it needs is freeing up and maybe a little shaft lube on the rotor. Again, I can't really say because I don't know how difficult it is to disassemble to get at the moving parts. Clock motors can stick when stored for period without moving. Next to a basement floor is a bad location to store due to humidity. A tiny amount of corrosion or oxidation of the lubricant on the rotor shaft will stall the motor. Sometimes, all it takes is a little manual boost to get it going again.

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Jemdandy, thanks for the suggestions. I'll try the "boost" method first.

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I don't visit this forum at all. I was searching a topic on LED lights and it brought me here.

Post a few pictures and may be I can try to help.

The fact that the LED lights are not working may be related to the rotor wheels not working.


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