Bluestar range...what would you do?

ncamyFebruary 12, 2008

I live in NC. There is only one dealer in NC. It is located within 20 miles of where we are building. Many of you may remember about a month ago when I went to their showroom to see it in person for the first time. Although I was pretty excited over the industrial look, when I posted pictures of their floor model, folks on this forum told me that it looked dusty and not too well cared for. I did like the showroom in all other respects and since it was my first "live" bluestar, I didn't realize it wasn't supposed to look like that.

Well fast forward a month later. In order for my contractor to give us a fair and realistic bid, he wanted me to get a price on the range. I call them up today and they want $8198.30 for the range, $715.10 for the 6 inch backguard, $200 for three wheels. To that add tax at 6.75% and $200 freight charge plus an undetermined delivery amount bringing the total of the range to slightly over $10,000 for our 48 inch RNB range. These were contractor's prices and not retail. A licensed contractor would have to place the order to get these prices. At the same time I am on the phone to the sales rep I am looking at AJMadison's website. I asked the rep if he would match the online price to which he quickly laughed a big fat no! When I hung up my husband called the online company and got a quote from them. The entire quote for the identical product including delivery was OVER $2000 LESS!

What should I do? I had read here that BlueStar company doesn't like for you to deal with non local companies. I'm pretty sure that any service work would have to be subbed out by someone in my town regardless of where I bought the range. The expensive showroom is not in my town but about 20-30 minutes away. $2000!!!! Isn't that a pretty significant difference? Am I really trapped into buying "locally?" Geez....for $2000 I could buy a heck of a warranty on the thing, couldn't I?

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Try calling Eurostoves and see what they say. They are authorized and they do sell all over unless that has changed significantly. Service is not from your local dealer anyway, it is arranged through Bluestar. Call Trevor and see what he has to say.

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As long as you buy from an authorized dealer you're covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Some manufacturer's won't let their authorized dealers sell outside of their local area but I don't think Bluestar is one of them. You could call Bluestar directly and check out the situation. You're absolutely right $2K is a big difference!

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I simply wouldn't pay a 20% upcharge for the sake of dealing locally.

And I'd present the local dealer with a copy of my invoice from the other guys and a note saying 'Sorry, but you had your chance'.

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We bought from Eurostoves even though there is a local dealer here in Baltimore... very nice people to deal with. I would buy from them again. As previously mentioned, if your range needs service, Bluestar will find someone in your area who can do it.

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Buy the range they can not deny you service, if they are goin to punish someone it will be the selling dealer, not you. If he is selling a lot of product they are not going to bother him either. BlueStar is in the business of moving ranges.

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Here is a link that I found on a different thread about Blue Star ranges on sale. I can not vouch for this company. I am only posting because it is information I had found that I thought might be useful. The price on the 48" RNB486GSS is $5995. Sounds like a great price to me. I have no idea if there are any "hidden costs." I received a quote on this range for $8000 just last week. Maybe it's being discontinued? Good Luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blue Star 48

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That price seems very high. Trevor at Eurostoves. There is no dealer within 150 miles of where I am (and then only one who doesn't stock any) and Trevor got installer information for me etc. In the end, I just hired the technician that installed my Subzero fridge for me to install it on his own time. He has installed Wolf, Viking, Jade, Thermador etc but was VERY impressed with the Bluestar indicating it was one of the nicest he had seen.

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I just purchased a Bluestar 36" RNB from Wilkinon Supply Co. in Raleigh. The price quoted was inline with everything I have read. The Bluestar onsite wasn't dusty, it was well used. I can provide the salesman's contact information if you like.

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The Blue Star48 link is for close outs on dated models, not the current models.

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Call eurostoves. But I would not go back to the local dealer and tell them "they had their chance". That can only create problems (as a long thread here shows). See what you can get from eurostoves and tell the locals only if asked that you decided to buy from another vendor who beat them on price and service.

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Another happy Eurostoves customer here. The transaction and delivery were painless.

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Another vote for Trevor at Eurostoves. They are local to me... I have been in many times and talked to face to face. I would highly recommend them.

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I'd consider other options. The Blue Star has serious design and quality issues, which they have not corrected. They continue to have electronic ignitor problems, and their QA on the production is lacking. The cooking on the stove & in the oven are a delight, if you're not struggling with one of the problems. And if you do, imagine what finding a qualified serviceman is like! I've done this dance with Blue Star for more than 6 months, since the delivery of my stove. Love cooking on it, but wish I'd asked a few service people what they thought. Repeatedly I've been told "Wolf" from people who take these puppies apart & fix 'em all day. I've never cooked on a Wolf, and was hell-bent on a nice white stove. It's pretty, but the quality is lacking for the price point.

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Finding a service person is extremely easy ANY competent range technician can easily service this range as can any competent DIY person. Honestly we are not talking rocket science here.

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I just ordered a Bluestar 30" RNB from a retailer here in Denver. Price was surprisingly low ($3,199). They didn't specify, but I suspect that what I may be getting may be the same "old" model that's been discussed above in connection with other closeout-type prices. What's the difference in the old and the new model? Would it be worth it to pay the extra for the newer model (if in fact I've got one of the older models on order)?

Not looking to gratuitously spend money, just would like to know what the differences are and if they'd be important to me.

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I also live in North Carolina and had the same experience from the local dealer...probably the same one. I didn't give them another chance and went straight to Eurostoves with great success.

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I, personally, would stick with a local dealer, for whatever you're buying--I learned this the VERY hard way via Eurostoves--and make sure you have local service people familiar with the boutique Bluestar brand. I got assurances like I see here about how "easy" the Bluestar is to service, only to have terrible trouble locally when no one has ever seen one before. (It might be as easy as everyone says, but repairpeople seem to be old dogs who don't like learning new tricks, at least the ones I've dealt with.)

My local dealer gladly price-matched things for me--a service they advertise. (Doesn't mean all will, or even can, but it doesn't hurt to ask.)

-Susan W.

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Home Expo in MD told me that they are now able to order BlueStars. They didn't at first think they could, but when they checked with their local distributor (Signature?) it was no problem. If you have an Expo near you, you might want to check there.

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