Easy replacement for an old bathroom ventilation fan?

mbgreenFebruary 16, 2014

I have an old Broan ventilation fan in my bathroom. I am not sure what model it is, but the outside metal cover is approximately 13 7/8 x 13 7/8 inches square (see picture). It is looking really dated and is pretty noisey, so I think it's time to be replaced. Before I start removing it and open this can of worms, I want to see if I can locate a new model that will make this project as simple as possible. I want to find something that is of similiar size with power and duct connections in similiar location of my existing unit, so I can avoid this simple upgrade turning into a electrical, duct, carpentary, and drywall project. If anyone has any advice, it would be very much appreciated! Thanks.

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I think someone posted this site before. You can search for a fan with all your criteria, then see the grill size in all the fans that come up. Click on bathroom fan finder tab at the top.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fan finder

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Thanks for the fan finder link. To use that site, I need to know the duct size I have. Might there be a standard size or will it be easy to tell once I start taking it apart?

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Maybe someone here who knows for sure will answer you, but I'd think you could just pull it out and see how large the duct is. Or maybe you could send your picture to the Broan folks (if you don't see a model # on it) and ask them what the likely duct size would be.

Here is a link that might be useful: Broan customer service

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If you remove the cover assembly the model of the fan should be in the vent housing. You can then use that model number to research the original fan and figure everything out.

If you find no model number, just measure the size of the fan housing, or the size of the hole cut in the ceiling, and use that to find a comparable fan.

I'd venture it's a 4" duct.

For a replacement vent, you'll want to match the size of the vent housing that is recessed in the ceiling, and if you can't get one the same size, consider getting one that is slightly larger. You can easily enlarge the hole in the drywall ceiling but installing a smaller housing and then patching the drywall might be more difficult.

Most fans are "new work" fans, meaning the fan housing is secured to the ceiling joists before the drywall is installed. If you find a model number, go on the manufacturer's website and you can usually find a pdf with installation instructions. That might help you figure out how to remove the fan without destroying the drywall around it.

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Thank you all. I followed your advice and found the model number inside. It is Broan model 652. I posted this same question on the Broan website, and they suggested I call Technical Service Department at 800-637-1453. I will be doing that Monday, thanks again!

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Ok, so I called Broan tech service department, shared my existing model, mentioned I needed something very similar, and they said QTR080L would be a suitable replacement. I could not find it in the big box stores, so forced to order it online. It arrives, I unbox it, remove the old one, and I notice existing unit has a 3 inch vent, whereas the one Broan recommended is 4 inch! I also find asbestos suspect insulation and aluminum wiring. Seems I will be staring at plastic covered hole in my ceiling for awhile. Someone on Broan's website asked if you can get an adapter to reduce to 3 inch, and Broan replied it was not recommened. Looks like I will be replacing the entire duct now or returning this and back to searching for something similar. Ugh.

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