whistle sound

johnohFebruary 4, 2008

My 1993 Buick Century has begun making a whistling sound. It is a constant monotone, like a boiling tea kettle but not as loud or as high-pitched.

As best I can tell it coming from the rear of the car, or perhaps the middle, on the underside. It is constant regardless of rpms or whether the car is moving or stationary. The only way I can make it change is gets just a little softer if I apply the brakes (the brakes are working fine btw). Anyone have any ideas for me? Thanks a lot!

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i just listened with a stethoscope in the fuel filler hole and it is WAY louder, so I am thinking it is the fuel pump.

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Mine does that periodically, but it goes away afetr a few minutes. If I open the gas cap it stops afterr the pressure is relieved. Seems like it does it more on hot days or when my tank is low on fuel. I assume it's the fuel pump. Not sure what it means though. It's done it for a couple years now, so assumed it wasn't serious - gues we'll see what the others on this site say.

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A vaccuum leak? Either under-hood or under the dash.

A wind whistle driven by the heater fan. To check, turn off the heater/AC fan and listen for a change. May happen only with all doors closed.

Fuel pump whine?

Automatic transmission whine. Noise will change from neutral/park to any gear. Often caused by low fluid level.

Power steering pump whine, but the frequency of this one changes with engine speed.

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There was a T.S.B. on that car and a possible recall for the fuel pump. I think it has already timed out so you could be paying yourself. Buick, pontiac, and olds were
involved. They weren't isolated properly and the pump would
telegraph noise to the tank. the pump will get noisier as the fuel filter clogs.

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As you step on the brakes there is a slight voltage drop
and the pump slows down. Hence the whine sounds different.

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