Anyone Use 3 x6 for Herringbone Floor? Pics?

Tamko3February 11, 2013

I am obsessed with doing a herringbone floor in the MB. However, my DH does not want to cut down large tiles to smaller ones (convinced the edges won't be right). Anyway, I am stuck with 3 x6 tiles but have found limited pics on this size for flooring. Anyone use this size and/or have pics of it? Thanks! Tami

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If you google "3 x 6 herringbone pattern floor" on Houzz you will
find pictures.

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You say you are stuck with 3x6 tiles. What size do you want? You can use large tiles without cutting them down.

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here is my 12x6 tiles that I cut down from 12x12. I rented a nice tile saw from HD. I calculated how much to take out for the grout line so that they would line up like this. There are other ways to layout different sized tiles too as you will see below.

Someone on the forum had a small format herringbone in the last 6 months I believe. It was a light marble and beautifully executed....time passing as I look for the post...Found it :

Here is a picture of my floor:

Here is a picture of my 2x4 backsplash in my kitchen:

Here are some other herringbone that I've collected because it is such a nice pattern that I've always been fond of:

Aren't these all great pictures! ?

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Love the pix Enduring!

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Thanks Enduring. I have been following both your kitchen and bath posts for quite some time! Gorgeous work that you have done. You should be quite proud. Do you think 12 x 24 tiles would be too big?

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Boy That Size Would Be Fun To Think About!

I don't know if I've seen it laid out that large. It might be pretty cool.

I just did a search and I found 2 very nice examples of, what looks to be, 12x24 herringbone.

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Thanks Enduring--you've been great. I only found 1 pic myself--the top one. I basically have two choices 3x6 and 12x24. I will probably go with the smaller tile. I will post when all is done. Tami

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What is your reasoning for using the 3x6 vs the 12x24? Is it the scale? or fear? or other? I am curious.

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It's the tile size that's available. My DH is convinced that the tile shouldn't be cut.

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