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NewHouse2013February 7, 2013

I am having so much fun looking at all the great appliances out there! I was looking at Wolf ranges and came across DCS (which is owned by Fisher & Paykel). It is really reasonably priced relative to the Wolf (48"DCS $9200). All the burners have a high and low output with separate gas feeds, so no cycling at simmer. It looks and feels really solid too.

Am I missing anything? Anyone have any experience with DCS?

I am also considering a combi-oven, but have not started any research on them yet. Any recommendations?

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I don't have any FP/DCS appliances, but am a poster child for the Gagg combi oven that I use every day. Definitely put it on your list for consideration.

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NewHouse: I take it that you have not yet figured out the search function here or maybe didn't realize there was one.

Lots of experience with them, just nothing in the last couple of weeks. Weissman is a longtime DCS owner who has posted frequently.

If you are having trouble getting results (it sometimes happens), ty a google search and add "gardenweb" to your search string.

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I agree Weissman is very knowledgeable about the DCS. I also have one, 4 1/2 years and no problems. Not sure if they still have them but I love the dual stack burners as I simmer a lot. It is one of the ranges that has the fewest complaints but it also not a popular range here.

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Yup, I've had one for over 10 years now and I'm very pleased with it. Love the simmer from the dual stacked burners and the fact that every burner has it. On this forum, Bluestar and Capital are the darlings because of their open burners but I find the sealed burners on the DCS outstanding. Capital is owned by the founders of DCS but for some reason they don't use dual burners even on the Precision line and there has been controversy about how low a simmer they can achieve.

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Just want to also mention the stainless top is very easy to keep clean. 90% of the time I just tilt one of the grates and wipe with a damp cloth.

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I've had mine for 5+ years and absolutely love it. Easy to clean and always looks new. I would buy another!

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I've had mine for 5+ years and absolutely love it. Easy to clean and always looks new. I would buy another!

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We are coming out of a 12 year old Dacor RSD30...dual fuel with (2) 12,500 BTU and (2) 8,500 BTU buners. We purchased in 1999 which has been "ok". Aside from the twice cracked black plastic bezel and broken plastic oven door handle, it has had no more or less issues than most.
One man� s opinion, but the 2012 model DCS RDU-305 seems to be the best bang for the buck in a dual fuel category. It has been very much redesigned with newer heavier grates ( same cooktop) and a newer exterior with better oven racks.
Over the past 10 days I have reviewed many current and past threads about all most commonly discussed ranges on this forum, I have looked at all the units in both AF and DF. 1) Capital 2) Dacor 3) Wolf 4) Bluestar 5) Electrolux Ikon 6) DCS. I have pretty much narrowed down my selection to the DCS RDU-305 ( dual fuel ) and the Wolf� but cannot get past the price differential between the two.
On this forum I have read a lot about BTUs, sealed an open burners, style of burner, QC, customer service etc� I won�t comment on those. However, there are several other factors which are important to me which I will comment on based on our observations� some, never mentioned in threads which I have searched. Below are those brands which we have evaluated first hand along with my unbiased "opinion".

a. Wolf 304X:

i. Overall take away: The highest quality, great look and "unmatched" details right down to the specialized screws used inside the oven door. Heavy gauge stainless with a superb satin finish.

ii. Oven door: Nolo contender��. nobody in the industry has a door, hinges, interior, exterior handle, enamel fish and sliding racks like Wolf. They are in a league by themselves.

iii. Range top: Well constructed and intuitively thought out. Wolf, like DCS, has raised dimples in the enamel top for placement of the indented rubber cushions on the heavy duty cast iron grates.

iv. Grates (2): As one would expect are heavy duty high quality with an appealing pattern. A small detail, which never gets mentioned, is the quality of the cast iron of the grate. Smooth finish, no rough spots and attention to detail on the corners underneath the grates.
v. Hidden control panel: Nice touch�

vi. Final analysis: I like everything about the Wolf EXCEPT the enamel range top. I much prefer a "bead blaseted" finish which over time, looks great and shows no signs of wear.

vii. Burners: (3) at 9,200-15000BTU and (1) at 9,200BTU

viii. Price: The most expensive in it�s class. In our area, with tax, the unit will cost almost $6300. NO ONLINE OPTION and have not been able to locate a floor model.

b. DCS RDU-305:

i. Overall take away: Very high quality with excellent details in the fit and finish area having a nice look with heavy gauge high quality stainless having a great satin finish. A close second to Wolf in fit and finish.

ii. Range top: I am a big fan of a stainless range tops. Of the higher end brands we are considering, only DCS and Capital offer this. However, the DCS approach having fewer seams and offering a bead blast finish, is more appealing to me than Capital�s approach. Like the Wolf, DCS was the only other brand to incorporate raised dimples in the SS top for the rubber cushions inserted into the grates like Wolf. Very thoughtful detail. The pressed pattern in the SS also was well thought out with a circular area below the burner to avoid liquid to build up. Total pieces making up the range top including the front edge�. (3)

iii. Grates: Very nice and heavy (3) pieces. Aside from the Wolf, the only range I noticed that had the recessed rubber bumper/grommets in the corners to protect the SS top. They fit nicely over the dimples in the SS. However, they are still not as nicely finished as the wolf with details.

iv. Burners: (3) 17,500 (2) 12,500���all can go down to 140 degrees simmer

v. Price: Retail price is approximately $4800 with tax. I am not opposed to ordering from one of the Major onliners b/c the savings is close to $25% when factoring tax.

Does anyone have the latest model DCS RDU-305 which they can comment on?

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Just so you know - Fisher & Paykel ran into serious financial difficulties after the 2008 crisis. China's Haier Corp. already owned 20% of F&P and launched a takeover bid.

Haier obtained 90% of the outstanding shares and the deal was finalized November 2012. The record of Chinese companies is spotty on quality and poor on customer service.

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Intersting comments... you might want to google the issues that Subzero-Wolf had during same same time period. They announced layoffs of 100 employees just last year and were going to shut the Madison plant down because labor costs were to onerous. I believe the employees recently voted for a 20% pay cut this summer to keep the Madison plant open. There is likely real good employee moral making new units! Wolf also announced, design changes to make products more homogenous, i.e. gas range now using same parts and having same look as dual fuel ranges etc... in order to save money.

Fisher & Paykel is still very much being run out of NZ with DCS operating independently and all units still being made in Huntington Beach, USA.

BTW, Haier is GIANT with very deep pockets when comparied to Sub-Zero/ Wolf. Perhaps Sub-Zero/ Wolf will be acquired by a Private Equity company then cutted to reduce costs.... or perhaps sell out to Haier.

I find this generalization a bit over the top:

"The record of Chinese companies is spotty on quality and poor on customer service."

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NewHouse2013, also I want to say I was very concerned about going from an electric oven to AG but I did it. I like it better. Everything I roast, in my opinion, is more moist and the baking I have done has all come out perfect.

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NewHouse 2013, did you end up purchasing the 48" DCS Range? We ordered one at the end of March, expecting delivery at the end of April. Initially, the saleswoman called us and told us it was backordered. Then she called a week later and told us there was a problem with the grease draining properly from the griddle and they had stopped production. Supposedly, they have started up again, but we won't be getting our range until the beginning of June.

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Yes, I did decide to go with the 48" DCS Range. We are still under construction with an estimated completion of end of July.

I have not heard of any problems, but it may be that the contractor has not ordered the appliances yet.

I'll look into it and report back!

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"ii. Oven door: Nolo contender��. nobody in the industry has a door, hinges, interior, exterior handle, enamel fish and sliding racks like Wolf. They are in a league by themselves."

I wished that were true, but we see an occasional Electrolux oven with blue porcelain problems too, I don't think nearly to the extent we now see them on the Wolf's, and at least . so far, the elux ovens have been the older models, 5 years or so, still not good, of course , if yours in one with the problem.

Seems like all the manufacturers that used the blue porcelain had problems at one time or another.

See post on "Oven porcelain".


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Searching for someone who purchased DCS AFTER they were bought out by Fisher Paykel and AFTER the Haier buyout of Fisher Paykel.
What is your experience with your DCS product?

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Remodeling kitchen - husband does the cooking and wants a dual fuel 48" range. We finally decided on a DCS RDU486GLL or "V" instead of the "U" - Can you believe it, we can't decide whether to get the round or rectangular (tubular, I think they may be called) range handles. Husband and I differ on this? Not a real big deal. We're from a small town and no one has this range, so only photos to go by. Any suggestions? From reading this forum, seems this range has nearly doubled in price since 2012/13 - over $9000 for the "V" range. Any comments are appreciated! Thanks!

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also curious about the 48" dcs range - we ordered for a nov 17th delivery and it keeps getting pushed back. we went with the newer v - much prefer that handle. hopefully it isn't a major manufacture problem and ours will get here in a few weeks!

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>all units still being made in Huntington Beach, USA Reynosa, Mexico

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I have heard the DCS range fan is very noisy and stays on a long time after the oven is off. Has anyone had this problem?

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We have a new DCS range. You can hear the fan and it is some what loud, it also can stay on for 30 plus mins after you turn the range off. Overall we really like the range and the fan we don't really notice unless we are standing right by it

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The False Economy

Speaking from experience, Haier is a parent company only and has no influence on the design or build quality of DCS. The products are designed within F&P exclusively for DCS and the U.S market.

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We have had the 48" gas only (485GD) installed about a month now. I have no frame of reference as it's the first expensive appliance we've ever purchased. But both my husband and I love it. We love that it's so simple with no fancy electronics, beautifully constructed, just a top quality piece of equipment. Here are my two issues with it:

  1. The level of the grates on the burners is almost 2" higher than a standard stovetop or range. As a somewhat short person (5'5") that took some getting used to. I feel like my elbow is way up in the air when I'm whisking stuff as it boils or simmers.

2. The fan. It's obtrusive. It's something I have had to come to terms with -- I had to ask myself, do all the awesome characteristics of this range outweigh this noise? The answer for me is yes. But if you are the noise-sensitive type (you choose your dishwasher on the basis of decibels for example) then I'd think twice about this range. It's true that the fan stays on around 1 hour after you turn it off (and does not seem to be a function of how hot the oven got). The fan is the reason why I don't like to stay in the kitchen after dinner - I do my stuff and retire to the den and shut the door.

Bottom line for us: fan is minor problem in the whole landscape of a solid, responsive, beautifully constructed range.

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