No Smoking Options available

boneladyFebruary 23, 2006

I want to buy a new Toyota Camry and was told by a salesman that I could not get one with an ash tray and lighter !

I have friends who smoke and I do also occassionally. Is this now how cars are coming and do you know how this can be after market installed?

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In many cars, the lighter is not standard, but can be ordered after the fact as an option. It should be dealer-installable. If this dealer won't do it, maybe another will?

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I am not sure how Toyota is.But GM does not put an ash tray or lighter in the smaller cars.I have had a 1999 Cavalier and now a 2002 and it does not have an ash tray.However there is an option that is availble.Its an ash tray that fits in the cup holder.Metal tin with a lid that flips up.I guess you have to decide if you want to smoke or have a drink?

There is also no lighter but it does have the recepticle.They use to be lighters but now there cell phone and radar detector power sources.Just no lighter.Acctually my Cavalier has two of them.One on the dash and one on the console.I guess they feel people do not smoke and drive these days.They drive and talk on the cell phone?I smoke but I do not smoke when I drive.Only in my old work car.But not in my cars I care about.I like the new smell and do not want burn holes in my seats.

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