2004 Dodge Dakota Towing Capability

cheerful1_gwFebruary 21, 2007

It's too expensive right now to buy the hitch for our truck. Our friend wants to borrow the truck to pull his trailer (1,500 pounds). He thinks our truck can pull up to 2,000 pounds without a hitch. Does anyone know what the towing capability would be without a hitch? Any extra equipment needed?

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A Dakota even with the V6 will pull 1,500 lbs. The towing capacity for the V6 is 3,500 pounds including the weight of the trailer. The 4.7 V8 is 5,000 pounds.
But are you going to pull the trailer with a ball in the bumpber hole? You CAN do it but I wouldn't do it for a long distance or up many hills. And the trailer will be at an awkward and possibly dangerous angle considering the height of the bumpber.
And you'll need a wiring connector for the electrics. A "flat 4" wiring connector is fine for a lightweight trailer.

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We have the 4.7 V8. Our friend is borrowing the truck, and he will use the ball, plus the wiring. He's a careful driver. Keeping our fingers crossed, though. Thanks for the help.

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I agree with "christopherh". Yes it IS CAPABLE, however I wouldn't recomend it except for a short trip. Also, I would pay careful attention to the TONGUE WEIGHT of his trailer and make sure it isn't too much for the Bumper. Good luck

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