Shell Full Synthetic 10W30 at $3 per quart

jerry_njFebruary 13, 2010

I have a coupon for BJs for Shell Full Synthetic 10W30 at about $3 a quart. This very low price tempts me to give it a try. Shell is a well known name, and I assume their synthetic is as good as any, am I right?

I have a 2004 Forester with 45,0000 mile, a 2005 Chevy Colorado with about 14,000 miles (yes, that low), and a 2009 Suzuki SX4 Cross-over with about 2,000 miles.

All have had only dino oil, usually Castrol, but not always in the older car.

Is there any problems/disadvantages for moving to Synthetic on an engine broken in on dino oil?

My vehicles are all 4 cylinder and all specify 5W30 oil, I think for "less friction" from the average lower viscosity.

I could buy the sale priced synthetic just for my garden tractors.

I have had very good service form cars run on brand-name dino oils, and don't see why I should go to synthetic. As can be seen, all my vehicles are low mileage, so if I change oil only once a year I'd still be changing long before any extended oil change interval that might be acceptable with synthetic. I think one should no run an oil more than a year even if the annual mileage is low, say under 5,000.

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you ever had an oil related failure? know anyone who has? i think the myth of failures due to poor quality oil is just that, a myth. any oil is fine. just stick to factory recommended change intervals. syn oil is slightly better in extreme cold and hot conditions. do you park outside at -20F?

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Hum, kind of my thinking without putting it into words. I have put as much as 200,000 miles on an engine without ever making an internal repair, or see any visible oil burning. These miles were mostly with Castrol regular oil.

I purchased a 6-pack (case) because it was so cheap. I may run 4 quarts in my Subaru which is due for a change in the next 1,000 miles and use the other two quarts in some air cooled engines that normally get 30W oil for summer running.

Not sure, is there any concern about going from to synthetic then back to dino oil?

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You change oil once a year? Well good luck on that one.

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my caddy manual says change oil at least once per year if mileage is less than interval change. say, 5k or 7k. I say once per year if mileage is less than 5k. prove to me why that is not acceptable?

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Do you believe everything you read ? Do an acid and moisture test in the dirty oil.

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