fill your tank today

pankaryFebruary 28, 2008

Cool if you qualify

[L=LINK][/L] Select the FILL YOUR TANK TODAY - you want to avail of and


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Bad url. It doesnt work.

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You scared me.I thought you knew gas was going up more tommorow or something.I was about ready to grab all my gas cans and fill the cars.

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Ethanol from corn for fuels can't keep up with demand. Turns out its quite a pollutant too... and now there's a corn shortage? And we could have been making ethanol fuels much cheaper by growing many other products. It's getting lots of press!

We subsidize the corn growing out of our our pockets.. a tax burden ... now we pay more for the corn part of our cars fuel, which ups the gas price, which of course is taxed again at the pump at the higher price... really what can we expect - gotta be higher prices at the pump for corn.

Mr OIl say if corn can do it,,, so can that oil field .. its over $100 bucks a barrel now, its higher than its ever been. And going up.

Pump prices are going up higher than we've ever seen, thanks to all the corn in the news.

Something like that anyhow...
What about the new $4 pump prices, hollers some news guy to Mr Bush ,,, Mr Bush replied, did you say $4 for gas, huh ? And then bush stood there quietly with a very stupid expression.
He's going to have to start paying for his own filling station cards  pretty darn soon now. Maybe he'll come up with a plan. Let's cross our fingers.

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