'97 eagle talon tsi awd fuel pump

leeladossFebruary 25, 2008

My '97 Eagle Talon (turbo) starts just fine when it is cold, but when it is warm it will start, then sputter a little bit and die out. If you try and press the gas pedal to prevent it from dying out, sometimes it will work other times nothing will happen. I just took it to a mechanic and he replaced the fuel pump and the fuel filter. My car worked for a day, then it did the same thing again. Any ideas as to what oculd be causing the problem? Thanks!

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A good set of diagnostics is in order. However, below are some items to look at.

1. Water in the fuel tank.

2. Spark plug "wires" and/or other high tension ignition parts.

3. Cam position sensor or flywheel position sensor.

4. MAP sensor

5. Throttle position sensor.

6. Idle air control

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