Front Sway Bar End Links

timbulbFebruary 23, 2008

Today I noticed one of my front sway bar end links on my '02 Mazda 2300 2WD truck is broken.

Do I need to replace both sides, one side seems fine still. Do I need to jack up one side or both sides to replace it? Any other tips? Or problems I might run into?

Thanks in advance.

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On a Blazer that I replaced one on, it was necessary to cut the broken end link off, but the replacement one was a different design and it slid right on. I just replaced the side that was broken. If yours is the same (needs to be cut off) and you do not have an easy way to do that, just take it to a shop and have them put it on; it's very easy if you have the vehicle on a lift. If yours does not need to be cut off, it'd be easy to do yourself.

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Odds are if one broke, the other is close behind...

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Well I replaced both sides and it was a pretty simple job. The one that was broken came off like a breeze, but the link that was still intact was tough to remove. Went through 6 dremel cutting wheels to cut it off. Besides the removal of the old parts, one of the simplest jobs I've done on my own. The truck feels like new.

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