GMC Autolocking Differential in Reverse

jerry_njFebruary 12, 2010

Well, this is the year to give my 2005 Chevy Colorado pick-up truck locking differential a real check-out/test.

It seems to me the truck has much less traction when starting from a stop in reverse than it does going forward. Is it possible that the automatic locking differential does not engage in reverse?

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I'll post to sent this item to the archives. As far as I'm concerned, the auto locking differential is great, at least when going forward. I need the reverse only when backing out of my parking place. I need the forward traction when coming up the hill on my driveway... and it works. The lock makes this pickup come up where I have seen front wheel sedans have trouble. This is especially true if I can find some strips of clear blacktop, one wheel in that track and I can't detect any slippage.

I recommend the ALD if you don't need AWD or 4WD. And, the ALD doesn't add any significant weight or friction - thus there is no loss in gas mileage that comes with AWD/4WD. The option cost is very low, as I recall. It was the main reason I bought the Colorado over a Ranger, Ford didn't offer a locking (rear) differential of any kind.

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