Just bought a Wolf OG36 outdoor grill

VanditFebruary 4, 2012

Got a smoking deal ($2900) on a new in box Wolf OG36 grill. I saw it at the appliance store and fell in love with it. Luckily a local contractor had one he was looking to get rid of. I am doing a 48 inch all gas Wolf range for my kitchen in my new build, so it is nice it matches. Does anyone know anything about this grill or have any first hand experience? Have just read one very positive review online, but have not heard anything else. Thx! Can't wait to hook it up when my house is finished.

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The grill is listed at $5395.00 on the Wolf website, so it looks like you snagged a significant discount. Congratulations. There doesn't seem to be a great gaggle of people flooding the internets with information about your unit, unfortunately.

It is priced a bit too richly for Consumer Reports to cover. I checked over there to see if they had any info on it, but no dice. We do have some very high end grill owners here on the forum but the names that usually pop up are DCS or the mythical "Fire Magic." Not sure if we have any Wolf outdoor grill owners, though. Not to worry. I am sure your Wolf will be soaring in rarified air alongside those other grillish overachievers. Wolf makes great gear, they don't do shoddy, so I am thinking you will be happy with your new grill.

I don't require much sophistication in a grill, personally. More than anything else I want reliability and the ability to keep a stable, low, temperature for ribs/bbq stuff. My Weber does a good job for that, but it will get hot enough to knock out steaks pretty well, too.

Best of luck with your Wolf. Hopefully someone who owns one will give you more info! Cheers.

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What does mythical Fire Magic mean. I have had a Fire Magic
Echelon 790 for 4 years and think it is an excellent grill. They are pricey, but they work and are built as they claim. We live in the NY and use it year round. After researching grills for years I bit the bullet and bought one and have no regrets. If you want power this is the most powerful grill sold. Mine has 3x32,000 btu cast stainless burners. Anyway most of these pro grills are far superior to Big Box store grills and look good year after year. Fire Magic is not mythical, but rather near the top or at the top of BBQ grills.

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I remember seeing the Wolf in a store. It impressed me with it's solid construction and heavy-gauge steel throughout.

It reminded me of a commercial unit used in restaurant outdoor grilling. Very heavily made. If you've never used a big thing like this, you might find that it takes longer to preheat than a smaller cheaper grill. More thermal mass. But it will cook all day long with no issues.

IIRC, the Wolf was deeper than other models. You might want a longer spatula.

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@ lannie59:
How is the low end temp on the grill? Do you have any problem cooking veggies?

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TonySak the low end heat is fine. There are removable panels that allow for the 3 burners to work at different temperatures. The cast burners do retain heat so immediate lower temperatures take a little time. You can turn the middle burner off and use the 2 outer burners for oven like cooking. The one feature that is really nice is the spring in the grill lid. I was in a high end appliance store and tried other grills like this one and the lids were real heavy. These are easy for anyone to lift. Not sure which model they offer it on, but electric opening lids are also an option. Features such as digital temp of zones, heavy duty motor for rotisserie and counter balance weights, interior lights, etc., make for ease of using. I haven't cooked on other pro grills so cannot comment on comparisons. This would be a grill that would last for a long time. SS is very heavy and burners are cast SS which I have never seen. It is pricey, but you get what you pay for. No regrets so far and this will be my 4th year. If anyone has other questions I will be glad to assist.

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Hi Lannie59,

I am ordering an Fire Magic 790s on cart. I can get a free "upgrade" and add a IR sear burner. They remove the left burner and replace it with a IR burner. Do you have the IR burner? Comments pro/con? If not, does the grill get hot enough to sear meat well? I am on the fence about whether to get the IR burner or not. Any insight would be great.


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Denaliman I do not have the IR burner. This grill gets real hot and cannot image needing higher heat. The temperature readout regularly shows 750-800 degrees, but feels even higher. Cooking to fast is more of a problem than not having enough heat. I have never cooked on an IR burner so cannot comment on that aspect. My burners are easily removed so if you want an IR burner later it would take 5 minutes to replace. You remove the grates, flavor grids, and burners to clean. The grill heats up fast and when the cast burners get hot that stay hot. I really can't imagine needing more heat. With 96,000 btu's from 3 burners on high
that is a lot of heat. My old Weber had 3 burners which I believe were 12,000 btus's each and it cooked fine. What you will find is that you turn the burners down after searing and cook on medium high. When you open the hood on a warm day you will not believe the heat that comes out. The 790 has the right amount of grilling area. You can really cook a lot of food on it. With the zone panels in place the temperature can be varied from burner to burner.
One word of caution is the grill is really heavy. It moves easily on the wheels, but mine was a tailgate delivery so had to unpack and get it into place. If buying from a store they will set it up for you if not you must do a little assembly. My wife thought I was crazy to spend so much on a grill, but 4 years later she admits it was a worthwhile purchase.

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