Are wall size mirrors 'out'?

eks6426February 5, 2012

In looking through a lot of bathroom pictures, it appears that the large wall size mirrors are out? I am seeing a lot of smaller mirrors with sconces on the side. The large wall size mirrors do seem to add the feeling of space in small bathrooms. Are they just as unfashionable if they are framed in mouldings? How about mounting the sconces directly on the mirror?

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My opinion is, (a) yes, they're out of fashion, but (b) who cares? I intend to keep my huge mirror when we renovate because I like it. And yes, you can mount lighting on a mirror, or use pendant lighting to update the look.

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Lynne Reno

my GC talked us into keeping our humongous mirror. He's building a frame for it, and said that it's probably worth $1000, according to him many people are now requesting large mirrors when they remodel their bathroom. He said to put lighting directly in the mirror you have to remove the mirror, so we opted not to do that.

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you do need to have the wiring behind it in place to put the lights thru it...

I'd say it's whatever you like and want. I don't want one myself. The mirror in the 'new' mstr bath isn't a whole wall mirror but it is HUGE and I don't like it or want it there. Will have to see if I can find someone to remove it...

The frame idea is a good one. I've seen that on the bath crasher show a few time.

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Theoretically, yeah, they're out. On the other hand here are a couple of very popular baths from houzz:

contemporary bathroom design by vancouver interior designer Tracey Lamoureux

traditional bathroom design by atlanta interior designer Niki Papadopoulos

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I had a 6 1/2 foot long mirror before the remodel. The vanity had double sinks. Reduced the size of the vanity (and removed one sink). Went with another large mirror (to fit the new size of the vanity) but framed it this time. I LIKE the larger mirror and don't care if it's in or out of style :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Framed mirror

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I actually would be replacing one of those horrid cheap 3 door medicine cabinets...the $59.99 kind. I have a bathroom that is basically 4x8 and was thinking a large mirror might help the space feel bigger. The vanity and the toilet are on the same 8' wall and i was thinking of running the mirror along the vanity and the toilet.l.would be about 6' of mirror.

Love the traditional one writersblock posted. I could wire the lights onto the mirror since I'm starting from scratch anyway.....but don't want to make my bathroom look like a hotel...

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I also have a very large mirrror and love the way it makes the space look larger and reflects the light. When I do my remodel, I'll frame it to update it, but I don't intend to replace it with smaller mirrors. I like it and that's all that counts.

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They are not seen much in powder rooms, and even though many masters are now sporting individual framed mirrors, the large wall sized are still very much in vogue....if they are framed. Take a look at all the beautiful examples in Houzz in traditional baths.

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Large mirrors may be out now, but for the life of a bathroom remodel at some point they'll be in again, if you care about that sort of thing. We did a large mirror because it's functional and suited the space. Do what you want as long as it fits the space and the look you are going for.

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I hope mine....

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we had 2 large 3 panel sliding mirror medicine cabinets too- couldn't wait to get rid of them!

we ended up moving a sink to put in the same long vanity and even tho i seriously considered putting up 2 smaller mirrors above the sinks, in the end i had a 65x40" mirror beveled and framed with cabinet mirror molding. very glad i did- i like the large mirror!

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I just ripped one out of my powder room. It is a 20-year-old builder grade thing, so I figured something else would be an upgrade. Second, there is a plastic channel at the bottom holding it in place, that collects dirt but cannot be cleaned out. I hate dirt that I can see, but not easily clean. I not only see the dirt, but see it reflected in mirror. Ugh. Third, this is a powder room where the big mirror slab is not only above the sink, but above the toilet. I dislike getting up from the toilet and catching a glimpse of my bare backside in mirror behind.

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Lynne Reno

Our GC framed ours with oak chair rail stained to the same color as our vanity- I'm very happy with it.

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similar to lynneblack, we framed our big existing mirror in our DIY reno. It was easy to pick out some molding, stain it to match the floor, and put it on with heavy-duty double-sided tape. We had finished the rest of the bath before doing this and were amazed at the difference the frame made in the look of the bath.

In another bath, we have a narrow but very tall mirror to the ceiling. There I'm thinking about putting a very thin piece of drywall on the top and then frame the rest, to bring it more into scale. The frame will hide the drywall edge too.


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They may be out but they open a space and can look very contemporary...lots of full mirror pics on Houzz.

I have seen them trimmed out in model homes with accent tile and they look great that way as well as trimmed with wood.

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Great question! And I have a related one. I have a large wall mirror in the bathroom I am remodeling. I want to keep it, ideally. I think the mirror will most likely need to move up a couple of inches if I want a backsplash above the granite.

If I want a wood frame around it, do I add the frame after I take the mirror down? How do you affix the frame?


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Lynne Reno

Our contractor did not remove the mirror to add the frame, so I don't really know if you did remove it if you should add the frame when it's down or not. There's a link below from GW on how to frame a mirror.

Here is a link that might be useful: framing mirrors

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I am popping over from Home Decorating as we will do a total gut job on our bathroom and I wanted to hear what has worked for people. I love this question because it is one I struggled mightily with. Bottom line, IMHO if you have children who will use the bathroom, a mirror large enough it can be mounted just above the back splash and look 'right' will be the most user friendly for them thus makes the most sense, design fads be danged!! I have two baths. We purchased the house with framed mirrors in each. The downstairs I replaced immediately with a full wall mirror no frame. I could care less what the design police say. It is a small small space and the large mirror expands the space/light mightily. The upstairs I replaced the same way, then brought back the framed mirror as the little ones became teens and could see themselves. It is the bath we are re-doing and the framed mirror is the only present "fixture" that will return. (I did paint over the gold gilding with white before it re-appeared.) Mirrors are not that difficult to swap in and what YOU want!!

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So I'm keeping my large mirror for my master bath reno. I'll have my cabinet builder make a frame for it. Should the frame be . . (1) dark wood to match the vanity or (2) silver to match the lighting and knobs . . .

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I personally LOVE a large mirror. We are installing one in a bath that was gutted to the studs and we could have done any configuration we wanted. But I never considered anything other than a huge mirror with sconces installed through it. I love the extra light, and the way it makes the room larger.

I see plenty of giant mirrors on houzz and pinterest. Most of them are framed out with crown molding. I don't think they're "out" I think it just depends on your personal style, and what you feel works in your bathroom. Large mirrors, framed with molding.

I'm taking it one step further and rounding the corner... putting a giant, matching, mirrored cabinet on the left hand wall. If large mirrors are âÂÂoutâ IâÂÂm going to be doubly in violation.

Here is a link that might be useful: Large medicine cabinet.

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I actually love all the large bathroom mirrors in my house as they make the bathrooms more open and larger. But I have seen so many bathroom renovations that are just gorgeous on this site so it is a matter of how everything comes together in a bathroom.

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Love the large mirror! It makes the room feel larger, and you can actually see yourself when you're getting ready in the morning. If builder's are using small mirrors now, then that means they'll be out of style tomorrow probably.

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Similar to the other posts, when we updated our main bath 3 yrs ago, we kept the large mirror and had a frame built for it. The mirror was in good shape, makes the room seems larger, and the cost of having the frame made was far more economical than having the mirror removed and replaced.

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Annie Deighnaugh

We put a large mirror in the guest bath...framing it is on my to do list. I went with it because it is an interior bath and anything that captures light helps it feel lighter, brighter and larger.

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