Ranges: gas oven - any options?

skymyrkaFebruary 18, 2013

I'm about to embark on a kitchen remodel and on my ultimate appliance wish list I have a range with open burners and a gas oven. Open burner feature limits the options greatly to a handful of manufactures, but to my surprise every model I've researched has an electric convection oven.

I'm not trying to start a debate on benefits of convection (although I do subscribe to the school of thought that it can be drying for certain types of foods), but ARE there any models of ranges that do have gas as an option for a 30" range? Can anyone recommend anything? I may even sacrifice a cabinet and accommodate a 36" size if that's the only option.

Thanks in advance!!

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Convection is an option on the gas models, meaning that you don't have to use it if you don't want to. It is just a simple switch that turns on the convection fan. In my search, I didn't find any gas ranges without a convection feature. I'd be curious, too, to know if there was such a thing anymore.

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Thanks. Just to clarify, I do realize that convection feature can be turned off. It is electricity generated heat that I have a gripe with. It's a matter of personal taste, and also I would have to put in the electric for the oven, which currently I do not have. Also, the less buttons and circuits on the appliance itself, the less things will go wrong down the line.

I was able to find some stand alone gas wall ovens, just not built into the range. A bit dumbfounded actually as to why that is.

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Bluestar and Capital Culinarian (and also American, I think) have open burners and gas ovens. Which ranges with open burners have electric ovens - I can't think of any.

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Weissman, THANK YOU!!
I just had a double look at blueStar. I saw infrared and power cord in specs, and I've written it off as electric without fully going through all of the white paper. I'm super happy now. Thank you again.

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The Wolf all gas are going out of existence and you might be able to get a good deal on one. They have convection but with a switch

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Thanks, springplanter!! It appears that they just put up a new line-up of gas stoves (sealed burners). I also did a quick search for parts for the older models, and got the impression that if you have a discontinued item from them, you just may be out of luck, which is something to consider if they were to do away with gas ranges one day.

Any success stories out there for modifying mass production gas ranges to have open burners?

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I can't speak specifically to Wolf, but generally manufacturers keep part around for at least 10 years for discontinued models (unless of course they go out of business :-). There may even be laws to that effect, but I'm not sure. Also, you can sometimes get parts from 3rd parties.

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Wolf says they make sure parts will be available for 20 years on their products.

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thanks for the great info!! I really appreciate all the advice, the range of options can get overwhelming (especially for someone like me who cooks on a 20 year old stove -- beginning to believe it's actually superior to some of what's available on the market right now).

BUT considering the amount of expense vs discontinued model savings, wolf is not on a wish list. http://youtu.be/TeH07dAV8xQ

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