Found these beautiful tumblers, need help

mahatmacat1December 15, 2009

with ID...the only mark on the bottom is a very simple sans-serif "JR". I'll upload pics as soon as possible, but they're deep emerald with a pressed, all-over grapevine/grape cluster pattern. The shape isn't a usual tumbler shape, it's wide at the bottom, coming in about 1/4 of the way up, and then curving out again before tapering slightly at the top.

Anyone heard of a "JR" as a mark? The only thing I can find is Stourbridge Flint Glass Works in PA, from 1823-1828 or s.l.t., from one site. Before I identify these as 19th. zebras, I'd sure like to eliminate some more recent horses :) (allthough the pattern could be from an earlier time, IMO)

I'll upload, but if anyone has any info on JR in the interim, I'd sure appreciate it!

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O.K., here are some pics:


Let's see if tinypicdotcom works...

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Note: that really is JR, it just didn't come through in the lighting.

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I also found (dd found the teapot, I found the cups) a very cool Memphis-y nonfunctional ceramic teapot and mugs -- I'll photo them soon and ask for help on them too. NO id marks, but definitely professional.

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Fori is not pleased

I know nothing about vintage glassware, but are you sure those are for drinking? It almost looks like a vase. Or something that needs a lid.

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I'm with fori. My first thought was that they were awfully tall for tumblers. But, I don't know from glassware, vintage or otherwise. (I'm judging height by the chair back. Looks like a regular kitchen chair or stool and the glass is about half way up the back)

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How many are there?...Vases don't come in sets of 4...
I think they are iced tea glasses or the design inside the glass or is the inside smooth? How tall? I am thinking about 9 inches or more?
I have looked for the mark....and I can tell you lots of things they are not!
Pretty....I'll bet there was a pitcher or some sort of a flask that went with them...
Can't offer any suggestion on the maker....betting 1910-ish...
Linda C

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Hi, thanks for the replies. There were I think 6 of them? I only bought two, to research and maybe go back for more. They've been there for a few days, so I hope if I decide to go get them they'll still be there tomorrow.

The inside isn't smooth, it's the concave version of the convex design on the outside of the glass. What does that tell you, Linda? I know nothing about these, just liked the shape and the design.

They're only about 6-1/4" tall, although they probably read taller--maybe that's why folks thought they were vases?

I'd still appreciate hearing what they *aren't*, Linda, seriously! At least we can eliminate some possibilities.

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Fori is not pleased

Well, I was thinking bud vases from a restaurant or something (to explain the multiples). I didn't even think of them as being tall; the shape is just so weird!

And yet, now that I've been enjoying some port, they have mint julep written all over them and how could you pass up the whole set? ;)

I'm not terribly helpful. Sorry!

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Here's a link with some wine glasses marked "JR". They don't show a picture, but might give something to check out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wine Glasses marked with JR

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Thanks, justlinda--hmmm, when I think of Riedel I don't think of anything looking like these.

I could see them being used for mint julep, definitely, fori...I think I'll go back tom'w morning and get them. They're $2/piece, which probably isn't so bad for 1910s, right, lindac? (esp. if I can find a pitcher)

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The reidel glass that you think of as blown clear pricy wine glasses are made in the US....there was a German Joseph Reidel who was a German glassmaker...think a father or something of the American firm now selling wine glasses.
I'll bet that's what they are...
They are mold blown....not expanded not probably mouth blown but none the less blown into the mold. They look a little like some bottles of that era.
Well worth the $2!
Perhaps they were for German white wine?
Now to research Joseph Reidel of Germany's mark!
Linda C

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Hey Linda, when justlinda mentioned Riedel, I went to look up the family and found two Josef Riedels in the 19th c, but no marks..I could only find the marks for Riedel handmade and machine made, which were different fonts of "Riedel", not "JR". I have written the US Retail site of Riedel to ask them about leads. Where else can I look?

Oh, and mold mouth blown--thanks. How can you tell? I'll look up "expanded" on one of the glass websites. Do you have any vague ballpark random guess re value, with all caveats and disclaimers?

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Curiouser and curiouser...I thought the Riedels were Austrian...I know there was a lot of fungibility of boundaries, just thought it was cute that two countries were claiming them.

I've now seen one Josef Riedel piece on eBay and I have to say I just don't think these glasses are that good. The bottoms are pretty plain, the JR is pretty this point I'm more inclined to go with the PA glassmakers, Stourbridge Flint Glass. Riedel pieces were too beautiful.

Here is a link that might be useful: now they're Czech? :)

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