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rjingaDecember 29, 2009

Didnt' want to clog up the board with a bunch of posts, so I am consolidating several unrelated things into one posting.

1. I have several pieces of pottery and glassware, that I am unable to identify (who the maker is, the pattern etc) or I cant find anything similiar to it online. How else can you determine what the piece is and if there is a relative value to a piece? Like this one is marked Hosley Potteries, but I could not find any other vase like it.

2. If something that appears to be silver (plated or otherwise) is NOT stamped or marked in some way, does that pretty much rule out that it is silver? and (pic attached) where would something like this be marked? I sure dont see anything anywhere.

3.what can you tell me about this compote?

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Sometimes things just "are"...no way to tell a maker....they just are good looking and someone might want them....or not.
that white vase looks like very nice. I have no idea about Hosley pottery...didn't look it up...but it's pretty...I might pay $5 for it.
Just because silver is un marked doesn't mean it's not silver...but it indicates that it's not fine quality. That cream and sugar is plate...likely was paper marked....and ought to bring a few bucks.
The compote is a not very good modern repro of a broken column piece...in a bad rubina glass....and that color never was seen in broken column. It's dimestore glass of the 70's ( and I don't mean 1870's!!)...but someone ought to pay you $5 for it.
Linda C

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is it just me or are there missing responses to this post? I know that I got emails from a few different people but they are now not showing up (at least on my computer).

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No it's not you. GW software is acting up. (At main page of any forum see the red notice. All posts typed yesterday morning were lost. :/

I responded that Hosley is an importer of wholesale decor and accent items. I used to frequent wholesalers in my area when I had a business. Hosley was small/young back then (early 90's), carried mostly brass and pottery (not chintzy stuff as imports go tho, heavy and substantial in size). Lots of it around here as their original location is in one of the Chicago suburbs. They've since expanded & gone global, I see. Anyway, I suspect your vase above is probably part of their line. (Can't say for sure, but it looks like what I saw.) Back then, wholesale, a large vase like that would have been abt $25.

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EPNS means Electro Plated Nickle Silver....not plated on copper.
These are most likely American silver pieces.
Amberina was not a "fancy form of depression glass", but a type of art glass well before the depression era.

Posting links to your own store is contrary to the intent of these forums.

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