Do pocket doors LOCK??

thisishishouseJanuary 22, 2014

When used in a bathroom, in particular, do pocket doors lock to ensure privacy?

Also, how durable are they in high-use areas? In particular, a kids bathroom. Can the tracks hold up to the general lack of finesse of children?

Anyone with a pocket on a kids bath or guest bath care to report on any issues?

We've ended up with quite a few of them in our design, and I'm concerned that they're not the best choice in all situations.

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Yes you can get locking mechanisms for pocket doors.
Yes, they hold up fine for children (get good johnson hardware and tracks)
I have 3 in our house and put them all in. I LOVE their functionality (and lack of doorswing).
If you are putting them in a bathroom (or any room) you'll want to remember that they create a hollow wall. You will not be able to screw a toilet paper holder onto the pocket wall, for example, unless you build the wall to be 6" instead of 4"
Good luck!

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Use solid core doors for sound resistance, and like kirkhall says use Johnson trucks and track.

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The gap at the bottom needed for proper operation allows enough sound to pass that the material of the door would not matter. There wouldn't be any reason to install sound insulation in the adjacent walls either.

Pocket doors are best used for normally open doors that are rarely closed because many people don't have the patience to close them. There are privacy locks. Johnson make a push bottom model.

Pocket doors are not good choices for bathrooms or for children but fortunately a good designer can easily avoid them except in very difficult renovations.

An alternative pocket door is a RR car design where the door is larger than the opening so there is room for a pull handle. Locking is still a problem

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Cavity Sliders has a Magnetic Pocket door that locks with a key. They also do Passage, Privacy and Double Doors.

Check out the video:

And website:

Here is a link that might be useful: CL400 Magnetic Lock

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