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catlover5February 20, 2012

Hello. Can anyone tell me if a piece is required between DW and fridge to support countertop when using fridge surround? Countertop will be granite or quartz. Wall is 101 inches and if it matters, the layout of this wall is 39 in angle sink base w/ undermount sink, 15 inch 4db, 18 in dw, 24 in fridge, 3 in filler and wall. We were not using a 3 inch filler initially and going with an 18 in 4db but there is not enough room with the fr surround and dw countertop piece. FR needs 2 inch clearance when placed next to wall and if the wall is shy of 101, we are going to have a problem. Thank you.

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Yes, you will need a minimum of a 3/4" solid vertical panel between the DW and fridge plus a ledger at the rear of the DW and a bit of blocking vertically on the back wall to attach the filler piece to. I'd also want a filler piece horizontally (the 3" front to back and the 3/4" dimension showing at the top towards the front) at the 34 1/2" cabinet height connecting the cabinet to the left of the DW with the filler piece. You've got to make it sturdy enough to carry the weight of the stone.

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Thanks LWO. Good to know. Should or will the stone guy know this as well? In any event, I have added it to my notes. This changes my layout slightly but better to do things right the FIRST time. Thank you!

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This isn't a stone guy thing. This is up to your cabinet installer.

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