ideas on finishing behind a range in 30' deep counter

tomcarter101February 16, 2012

Our kitchen plan calls for one of our counters runs to be 30 inches deep. I'm really looking forward to this extra depth to keep the kettle/toaster/coffee grinder etc.

However, on that same wall is the range...and this feels like it will cause some finishing issues.

The range will be a 36 Bluestar that I could order with the island back trim. Will there be a need for a thin strip of counter behind the range or will the range be fine 'inset' to the back of the counter? Ideas? Has anyone tackled this issue?

Thanks in advance.


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I've not done this but the specs for ranges generally require that the oven door exceed the front of the cabinets as a safety feature so you'll have to back fill behind the range.

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I think 30" will be kinda strange depth wise.
I know on our 30" gas stove the deepest countertop that would work is 26 1/2".

I would bring the range out a bit and put a stainless back on it, one advantage to bringing it out like that is that the rear pots/pans will have more room on an Island back.

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