doorlight switch hidden

timbulbFebruary 10, 2007

I drive an 02 Mazda 2300, and a 02 Ford F550. Both vehicles have the same problem with the interior light staying on periodically. It got so bad in the big truck that I had to remove the bulb. I'm pretty sure it's the switch, but on these trucks it's hidden (I'm assuming) in the door somewhere. There's no visible switch in the door jambs like in the good ol' days.

Am I correct in my assumption? Do I need to tear my door apart?.

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The door "jamb" switch was relocated to inside of the door latch. It is serviceable seperatly from the latch, but before you tear the door apart, you may be successful lubricating it. Just use penetrating oil, and spray it past the lower portion of the latch tumbler visible with the door open. You can close the latch with a screwdriver, and in just the right position the plunger of the switch is actually visible at the bottom of the latch if you know what you are looking for. Remember you will have to pull the door handle and release the latch to close the door if you roll it closed. Many times, a little penetrating oil will restore the switches operation. If not, you will have to pull the door panel and replace it.

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I realize this may start a firestorm, but can I use WD-40?
I don't have any penetrating fluid, but I do have a few cans of WD-40.

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Firestorm? :)

WD40 is a fine penetrating oil....

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A one ton chevy at work has had dead batteries several times. Every time it was dead I'd put a battery charger on it and find courtesy lights on. This vehicle has a thumb wheel type of switch to make the dash lights brighter/dimmer and to turn on the courtesy lights. I found that this switch would turn on the courtesy light if you just banged on it. These lights weren't bright at all so I'm guessing that they'd come on unnoticed sometime during the day or when the person got out for the last time and slammed the door. Just another thing to consider. Already comparing apples and oranges so I thought I'd throw a GM story in the mix. It also has those hidden door switches.

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Its your door jam switch that is located inside the latch. try sparaying the latch outide and open/close the door several times and see if that helps. if not, you will have to remove the door panel and replace the swithch on the latch.

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