Radio will not turn off??????????

paddleFebruary 19, 2007

I drive a 96' Express van with a radio problem. Once in a while when I turn the engine and the radio turns off/attenna goes down automaticlly, it will go back up and radio will go on?????? (without the key, and i checked the ignition switch position) If i remember to manually turn radio off before the engine is turned off, will avoid this problem. Where should i start to find out why this is happening? What if i change the power antenna to a regular one?



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The power antenna should have nothing to due with your problem. I would have to think that there is a problem with your ignition switch. Can you supply any more info on your vehicle? 1500 series etc.

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1996 express, 2500 seriers van

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Try and turn on the wipers when the key is off and the radio is on.

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