old collection of car emblems-pictures

angeldogFebruary 12, 2009

My 85 year old father bought a house with a shed and this collection of old car emblems inside the shed. Does anyone know if these are collectible, valuable, etc?

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put em on graigs list, someone will want them

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I wouldn't have any idea what to list them for. Does anyone have a ballpark figure?

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Hate to dissapoint you, but they really are very unlikely to carry any significant value. Best advice is if you want to sell them, take the best offer you can get. It is easy to go onto e-bay and find everyone of these, although many of the ones you find on e-bay are still in packages, unused. Its typical for them to sell for 10-15% of the original value when new.

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John..thank you for the insight. Maybe I'll just post the whole lot on Ebay and see what it brings.

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you might be able to pedal these at "old farm equipment" shows, or "classic car shows". Visit these shows to get an idea of the going price. If you know of an association of old farm equipemt, contact them; Let them know that you have these emblems and would be willing to part with them at the right price.

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Hey angeldog, we are restoring a 1970 Ford Galaxie 500 Fastback and have been looking all over for the correct Galaxie 500 emblem (top right of the first photo). So for us this emblem is valuable! Would you be willing to sell it to us? Thanks - dazzle59

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post it on ebay and email the editor at jalopnik.com -- they love these old badges and will probably promote it for you.

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The sentimental value may be worth far more than the monetary value. Maybe find out who previously owned the shed, if they are no longer in this world have they relatives who may want to keep these? Otherwise they are little more than junk unless you find a collector, which I can say from experience of selling such items on ebay is not always easy.

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