onewomanarmyFebruary 16, 2012

I had posted last week with a badly drawn approximation of our current bathroom. Since then we've found Google's free program and "built" the space in a much nicer format. So now we've been able to take our ideas and "visualize" them a little better. Following is where we're at right now - and subject to many changes I'm sure.

The shower wall dimensions may be off - not sure how tall/short or long it should be. Also, the color/texture/tile/furniture/etc options are fairly limited (unless you want to build your own I guess - which we didn't take the time to do) so the tile and furniture styles are just generalities. More like placeholders. We are considering slate for the shower - and I've been doing a lot of reading about the pros and cons of that. Still going back and forth. Also tossing around doing a concrete countertop with possibly a rust(ish) colored acid etch or something to pull out some of the variations in the slate. Floor of the shower in a "cobble" type tile (maybe a dark gray non-slate but slate looking that will compliment the walls). Not quite sure about the main floor yet. Actually not quite sure on any of this. :)

Anyway, thanks for all the suggestion previously - they did make us think about the layout a little more and led us to this stage. We're still tossing ideas around though and welcome any comments or suggestions from those who've been here before. We're still contemplating/discussing curbless - but will depend on what it will cost with all the modding of the current floor system. We have a drop down ceiling in the basement below but I believe there is a wall (with main house support beam) running smack dab through the middle of the shower area. Good for support - maybe not so good for accessing the space!

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It looks like a nice bath. I'm sure someone on here knows the doorway suggestions for the shower area. The only thing I see (and this is only visual since no measurements) is that the toilet looks like it could use a little more elbow room. The little cubbies in the side of the shower wall are a nice touch.

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I think it looks great just like it is! As far as the shower door, it would help to know what the dimensions of the bathroom are. If you plan to grow old together in this home, a 3' opening would be ideal as it would allow a walker, wheelchair or space for someone to assist the person taking a shower. But not all baths have enough width for 3'. Just wondering, you've squared off the wall where the shower head will go--what's behind that wall? Is it just dead space? If so, I'd incorporate it into the shower and gain the extra length.

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That's pretty, but it's not an accessible bath. If you want an accessible bath, use individual wall hung vanities across from each other. Then have a dividing wall/glass between the vanity and the combined wall hung toilet/shower area with a 3' entrance to it and a trench drain at that entrance. That will have enough room to be able to both turn a wheelchair and give you enough pitch for the whole wet room so that you won't have to futz with the joists to get a roll in. You'll use a rollover curb in front of the trench drain. Of course, you'll need to do a tearout of all of the walls to be able to install the proper blocking for grab bars just about everywhere. They may not be needed now, but if you have the blocking, you can put them where you need them in the future without worrying about where that might be.

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Not to hi-jack your thread...but thank you, thank you for pointing me to Google Sketchup. Just last week I paid real money for an inadequate Punch Home Design product and -- although it took a while to figure out -- Sketchup is much better and free! My bath is simple but I still find it helpful to visualize.

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Thanks deedles - that's something we're definitely going to have to watch (elbow room). I should have included measurements but didn't think about it till too late.

Thanks for your comments also mydreamhome. The opening (right now) is about 31" and the shower half wall is about 43.5" long. Which is just how we happened to draw it. I wasn't sure what the dimensions need to be but what you say makes sense as far as the opening being at least 3 ft. These are the details we'll need to talk to a contractor about. That's exactly what I was hoping to hear here - the things we'll need to think about and educate ourselves on in order to be able to talk with the contractor.

As for the dead space - we figured it would give us a place to deal with any plumbing (since the angled walls are external walls) as well as add a spot (not shown on the above drawing) to store toilet paper, plunger, etc with a door to shelves below the cubbies. We weren't sure it would add much usable space to the shower enclosure to keep it open.

GreenDesigns - I agree completely - this isn't really accessible. We're having a hard time coming to a consensus on how much we want to "give up" to make the space truly accessible. I am inclined to go further towards accessible, my partner firmly believes that even if she does have to be in a chair for any amount of time, she won't be completely confined. At the very least she feels like she'll be able to transfer herself to a stool. I feel like it's a fine line between pushing this and helping her stay positive about the future. My thinking is, if we can keep the shower as accessible as possible - along with the blocking of the walls to be prepared for any hand holds that will help with transfer to a shower seat - we can always redo the vanity area. We could switch out the floor vanity for a wall mounted sink (or rework the innards of what's there so with the doors open there is open knee space under the sink) if necessary and remove the piece of (non-attached) furniture to the right of the door leaving a clear, wide path down that wall directly to the shower. We're hurting for storage space so having the vanity is a real plus for as long as we can have it. I like the wet room idea but I'm not sure she's ready to give up some of the other elements for something that "might happen". Trying to find a balance I guess. Thanks for your ideas and suggestions, we'll be discussing them further as we keep evolving our plan. You've obviously dealt with these issues enough to have thought them through very well.

jw34 - I'm so glad SketchUp was helpful for you! I was pretty impressed with the software for free - and after a little bit of playing around you can understand it well enough to create quite a few things. I don't think it matters the size - it's always helpful to be able to get some visual idea of what things could look like!

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The turning radius needed for the toilet area is the biggest obstacle in creating accessibility for most baths. And that is why I usually recommend creating the combined shower/toilet area (with a bidet toilet seat) It gives you the shower space to use for the turning radius for the chair. The other way to accomplish that would be to eliminate one of the vanity bowls. You would still need to widen the doorway to the shower area though. Trench drains are a great solution to creating a bath with a single slope which works better for even those with plain old mobility issues who aren't ready for chairs yet. The mud pack creates the height away from the door and everything slopes to the door where the trench drain is located.

Unfortunately, I've dealt with some of these same issues myself and thus it's become one of my areas of concentration in my design business.

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