How do I re-attach the car remote to the key ring?

tinynedlFebruary 1, 2007

My car remote unlocker came off the key ring because the hole the ring goes through broke. Does anyone know which adhesive I should use, or is there another way to repair it? Thanks so much in advance.

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If the unlocker is plastic and the hole is complete (that is, no pieces missing), you could use either polystyrene cement (the kind used for model airplanes) or cyanoacrylate ("Super Glue"). If it's metal attached to plastic, you probably could use cyanoacrylate on that, as well.

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You don't. drill another hole or buy another universal
remote and have it reprogramed. In the future you might want to grab the keys instead of the large remote as you rip it out of your pocket or purse.

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