Bertazzoni gas flow issues (shutting off)

rysilvaFebruary 25, 2014

I've had the Bertazzoni Master series gas range for about 3 years.

Almost immediately after I bought it, I noticed some issues with the largest burner shutting off during use. I had it serviced, and the tech increased the gas flow using the adjustment screw. He gave some snarky and ridiculous comment about how you aren't supposed to cook on low using the big burner.

That seemed to improve things, but still it occasionally shuts off. Worse still, sometimes the oven or even the broiler shuts off. It doesn't happen that often, but it's a huge hassle and annoyance.

I'm not sure this is a gas adjustment issue. For one thing, you cannot adjust the gas on the broiler (it always operates at maximum, accd. to the manual). And the largest burner does not seem to have good gas flow to the inner ring, where the thermocouple is located. When I light the stove, the outer ring usually ignites immediately but I may have to wait 5 seconds before any flame appears on the inner ring. Sometimes it can be even longer until a flame appears on all the parts of the inner ring, even on the highest setting.

Does anyone with a Berta have experience with these issues?

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I have a Bertazzoni cooktop, with the same burner. I've always had issues lighting it - I blow on it and whoosh! it ignites. The inner ring delay you described is the same for me - I never thought anything of it, to be honest.

I haven't had any issues with the burner going out, except on occasions when someone closes the fridge door swiftly - it's about 14" away - so that a gust of cold air is pushed towards the burner. Otherwise, no problems. Sorry that doesn't help you!

And the observation that "you're not supposed to cook on low on the big burner" is simply ridiculous. It wouldn't be capable of adjustment to low, if that were true. What IS it with some technicians? They can't find an explanation, so they make one up?

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Hi, Rysilva,

I have had my 30-inch Bertazzoni Pro for about two weeks now. In that time, I've baked pita bread, used the broiler several times, and used all the burners for temperatures from fast boiling to a low simmer.

There's one thing I find odd, which you mentioned: the broiler shutting off. I think I am following the directions correctly. Two or three times, now, I have turned on the broiler, counted to 10 after the clicking stopped, and then released the knob (what the instructions say to do, as far as I can tell) and still, the broiler has shut itself off. When I turn it back on a second time, it stays on.

While this isn't a disaster, and now I'm watching carefully when I first ignite the broiler, this turning-off thing is kind of annoying.

Rysilva and any other Bertazzoni owners: Have you noticed the broiler shutting itself off, and if so, is there any help for it?


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