How do you maintain your tile shower?

imagreenthumbFebruary 4, 2012

We're debating between tile and coni marble for our new walk in shower. I've heard that tile needs to be wiped down after every shower and cleaned often due to the grout. It won't happen in my house! What do you do to keep your tile shower clean??

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We do actually dry the entire shower (white tile and grout) after every use. Initially it was a PITA, but honestly it takes under one minute and the shower has Never needed to be scrubbed, not once in two years.

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We squeegee our tiled shower walls & floor--easier & quicker for us than towel drying. We do the walls where they are wet, the bench seat & the floor. Typically, the back wall & side wall are wet on the bottom 36' & the wall the shower head is on is wet from just above the valve controls down, so we're not talking about much. We have not had to scrub at all. Our shower is rather large (4'W x 7'L) and it takes maybe 45 seconds to squeegee. No mold/mildew, no soapscum, & no water spots. Once every week or two I do spray the floor down with Scrubbing Bubbles & rinse with handheld shower spray just to kill any little germies that may be there. We even have our 7 & 17 yr old sons squeegeeing their showers too. At first we got some pushback but we pointed out how nice their showers were and didn't they want to keep them that way. We also made it a game with our 7 yr old in the beginning to see how many water droplets he could squeegee off the walls. Here's our shower--the floor wasn't completely dry when I took the photo so you may see some darker areas of grout--they lighten up as they dry to match the lighter areas n the photo.

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If you tile, use a grout that resists stains; epoxy is the best but is more difficult to install; a tiler will likely charge more for labor. Laticrete makes a non-epoxy grout called Permacolor that is said to hold up well to residential use. I used epoxy grout and am pleased with the performance.

Silicone caulk holds up much better than other caulks.

BTW, a wetted dryer sheet really does remove water/soap spots from glass.

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