Must Be A mistake

iggieJanuary 29, 2010

Noticed Honda also has a big recall along with Toyota, however, this has to be a mistake, nothing ever happens to Japanese cars all run 300K with no repairs needed

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Yes, and Mac computers never have any problems whatsoever.

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Will be interesting to see how the public takes this! Me,will only buy Honda. Toyota, and would consider Nissan! Never had a problem with the Acura Integras I owned, only reason why I traded them in was for selfish reason and got hit from behind which the police estimated the kid was doing 60 KM/per/hr and walked away from it. Plus my wifes 98 Camry is running good as new, so is our 2005 Scion

Funny thing is I convinced my parents to buy a 2009 Venza,which they love. They bragged about it soo much my inlaws bought a 2009 Venza!! And of course this recall happens! Do I look suspicious or what? lol They are both still very happy with their purchase, and not regretting it. They are happy Toyota has stepped up to the plate and is going to fix the problem

As well must mention that my parents normally bought Ford or dodge and they rarely ever had a problem! They are not ones to drive their vehicles hard and they take care of their vehicles! I think thats the biggest part for a vehicle to last--doing the up keep!! I have friends that state their vehicles (various makes) are junk------Well they drive them to the ground and do very little upkeep, so what do they expect??

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go with hyundai, puts honda, and toyota to shame.

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Fords quality is on par (or maybe better now) than Toyota.

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At least Toyota have taken the bull by the horns and issued the recall notice. If only Ford did likewise so soon with the Pinto. In time I can see Toyota coming out of this smelling of roses. I still wouldn't buy one. Or a Honda. Or a Hyundai. I have had several cars from Asian manufacturers in the past. They may be safe and reliable, and value for money to buy. But holy cow are spares expensive! EUR 80 for a set of Nissan Micra plug leads. EUR 90 for a Daewoo Lanos crankcase breather hose (there was an airflow sensor that was an integral part of the hose rather than a seperate item). GM spares are a fraction of the cost and nowadays anyway the cars don't seem any less reliable.

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very true about parts for lots of imported stuff, my granson bought a toyota and the ignition module shot craps, nearly 5 bills for a new one. He was fortunate, found one on Ebay for $100.

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